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I can hold 20 liters of water.

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Q: How much water can a shaduf hold?
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Why was the Egyptian shaduf important?

A shaduf is an irrigation tool. The shaduf is important for traditional water techniques.

How does a shaduf work?

a shaduf gets water from the Nile and waters the crops

Who might use a shaduf and what would thay use it for?

The Ancient Egyptians had used the shaduf to get water out of the Nile River with out using much energy.

Did the ancient Egyptians use levers?

Yes, The Shaduf was used. A Shaduf is what the Egyptians used to collect water.

How does a shaduf show how the Nile shaped the way Egyptians lived?

The shaduf, helped irrigate, move water from the river nile to a crop feild.

What was the shaduf used for in ancient Egypt?

what they used the shaduf for the dipped it into Nile river and the weight at the other side brings it up and the water is in the bucket.

Which Egyptian used to get water out of the nile?

they used a machine called a shaduf.

Why was shaduf so important to ancient Egypt?

it was important to get the water to crops

What does a shaduf look like?

This is what a shaduf looks like

What are the three parts of a shaduf?

what are the three parts of a shaduf

How does a shaduf help the egyptians adapt to the nile river?

The shaduf is used to help get the water out of the Nile River, so they can use it for farming, and other great things.

How was a shaduf used in the Egyptian times?

The shaduf or shadoof was used to raise water from one level to another. From a canal or the river to water a field or to provide a public water supply. If the bank of the river was high they flights of shadufs were used to raise the water.

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