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if you were to fill it to the brim, about 13-15 gallons.

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Q: How much water is needed to fill a bath?
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How much water needed to fill a basketball?

1 gallon

How much water is needed to fill a cube?

The amount of water that can fit in the given cube.

How much water is in a bath?

about 80l is in a bath

How much water would be needed to fill a pond of 36 cubic meters?

9,510.19 Gallons

How much water does it take to fill up a bath tub?

It depends on the size of your tub I say it's between 10-15gallpns

How much water is needed to fill a pond 5m deep?

More information is needed in order to answer this question. The size of the pond, preferably in square meters.

How much water is needed to fill 300 bottles if each bottle holds 15 ml?

4.5 liters

How many liters of water does it take to fill a bath?

Other contributors have said:There is no standard size for baths, so there is no single answer.My guess would be approximately 100 L.A:It depends how big it is and how deep you fill it. A:Get a bucket that you know the size of (normal buckets hold up to 18 liters). Next time you fill the bath, fill it bucket by bucket. Then you will know how much water you have used. You can measure the shower in a slightly different way. Count how many seconds it takes to fill the bucket. Then time your normal shower. If it takes 60 seconds to fill a 18 liter bucket and you take a 4 minute shower, you will use 72 liters of water for your shower. That's a lot of water!A:According to the BBC Website, a bath can hold 80 litres of water. A:Apparently, when comparing a bath to a shower, a bath is much more wasteful. To try it out, plug the drain and run the bathwater for 10 minutes (enjoy the bath). Next time you have a shower plug the tub and see how much is in the bottom after 10 minutes. A:Depends on how big the bathtub is but average bathtub size is about 80 liters

Who much water does a bath takes?

The average volume of a bath is 150 liters.

How much water is there in a bath?

around 150L

How much water is needed to fill a 15 foot circumference x 4 foot depth swimming pool?

5300 gallons

How much water is needed to fill an oval above ground swimming pool that is 33' by 20' x 4'?

About 18,000 gallons.

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