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Q: How much water is used in a kitchen every day?
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How much water in used every day in the US?

Way too much

What dissolves in water and is used in the kitchen?


Approximately how much water is used in the US every day?

Way too much

How much water is used in a average house every day?

500 galons

About how much water is used in the US every day?

500 billion liters

How much water is being wasted on every flush?

NONE as it is being used for a purpose

What is the purpose of kitchen cooktops?

Kitchen cooktops can be used for many purposes. Most commonly they are used to cook or heat food, usually in a pan or pot. They can also be used to boil water.

What type of sedimentary rock that can be used to preserve food and usually is found in every kitchen?


How much water comes out of a car exhaust?

The US military is recovering 1 gal of water from every 2 gal of gas used in a Hummer!

Where could one purchase a hot water boiler for use in a dorm kitchen?

Start with a kitchen appliance store and look in their Kettles and Hot Pots section. Electric kettles are available and they can be used to boil water.

Where was water used in castles?

it was used in every poopin floor

What is kitchen kitchen tools?

The utensils used inside a kitchen can be called as kitchen tools.