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Steel? Aluminium?

As a column (vertical leg) or a horizontal beam?

In both cases the length and the method of fixing/supporting the ends will determine the maximum allowable load.

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Q: How much weight can a 2 x 2 angle support?
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How much weight can steel scaffolding support?

2 tonnes

How much weight will a 2 inch thick sidewalk support?

depends what its made of

How much weight a box of 2 feet 2 feet 2 feet can carry?

It depends what it is made of and the thickness of the material. It also depends upon the distribution of weight in the box. For example a box made of card will not be able to support much weight whilst a box made of aluminium will be able to support a lot more weight.

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What is the largest weight of the load that is safe to lift regardless of the angle of the crane's arm?

Use this formula to find the largest weight of a load that is safe regardless of the angle of the crane's arm: W_safe = (W*c)/(2*a)

How much weight can a 2 x 6 turned up vertical and spanning 8 feet support?

It depends on what material your support is made out of. The density of the material will be the greatest factor. Your volume of your material is 96 cubed units.

How much weight can a steel lintel hold?

It depends on: 1. The section (box, I-beam, angle), 2. The cross-sectional dimensions, and 3. The width (span). More info is needed for a useful answer.

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How do I know or calculate the load that a 2 inch .25 thickness angle iron can support?

First, consider how the angle is supported and how the load is applied, then apply the applicable Strength of Materials equations for that case.

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