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Q: How much weight will a 2x8 support with supported 10 feet apart?
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What is load bearing capacity of horizontal 2x4x8?

Nothing. A 2x4 laid flat and supported on its ends that are 8 feet apart cannot even support its own weight.

How much weight a box of 2 feet 2 feet 2 feet can carry?

It depends what it is made of and the thickness of the material. It also depends upon the distribution of weight in the box. For example a box made of card will not be able to support much weight whilst a box made of aluminium will be able to support a lot more weight.

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How far apart are horseshoe steaks?

the stakes are 40 feet apart or 30 feet

Back Support Belt?

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Yes, legs and feet are stronger, as they are able to support your body weight, whereas, your arms are not.

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Remodleing your basement and you have a support pole in the middle attached to a steel beam supported at each end you would like to remove the middle pole and move it about 5 feet what's the best way?

The best way would be to get a qualified, insured contractor. That 'pole' is one of the major weight bearing support beams for your house - if it is moved, you will likely cause severe damage to your home.

Is it useful that camels have large flat feet?

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Can a half inch thick 8 inches wide and 3 feet long sheet of plywood support 400 pounds?

No, not safe; if supported on each end it is likely to break