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Q: How much wood should Billie buy if he wants to make a CD box open at the top The box needs a base of 13 cm by 200 cm and will be 15 cm high?
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What is involved in societal marketing concept?

Societal marketing concept is concept that holds that companies should provide good and services base on the needs and wants of their customers and the society at large.

What does the UFO function?

Depends on what the UFOs are. They could have not needs/wants (ie. they are inanimate objects). They can have base needs (ie. they are animals with no name seeking only the necessities of life [food, shelter, breeding]). They can have complex needs (ie. they are sentient beings with agendas).

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a single element can NOT be classified as an acid or a base, since an acid needs to have an H+ ion in its formula, and a base should contain OH-, so it should be a compound.

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structure needs a strong base, wide base ,and stability. you should add triangles because triangles are very stable and strong

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If the pH is higher than she wants it to be, she gotta add acid. If it too low, add base. :p Apex

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A targeted consumer base is the result of advertising. A consumer, who consumes items has money and wants or needs to buy merchandise from a retailer such as Wal Mart or Home Depot. Therefore, when targeting the consumer base, you are trying to replace WalMart or Home Depot and steer this consumer to buy from you.

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A painter is painting a mural on a wall. He has a 20-foot ladder. He needs to work on a part of the wall that is 16 feet above the ground. How far from the base of the building should he place the foo?

Using Pythagoras' theorem the the foot of the ladder should be 12 feet away from the base of the building.

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The base of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is physiological needs, which include basic requirements for survival such as food, water, shelter, and rest. These needs form the foundation of the hierarchy and must be satisfied before an individual can progress to higher levels of needs.

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