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Q: How much worsted yarn required to knit a 40 x 48 afghan?
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What happened to knit nots on imagination movers?

the movers loved knit knots very much but there was only so much that they could do with the character knit knots.... =)

How much does a afghan tortoise weigh?

245 pints

How much is 1000 afghan in US dollars?


Can you knit a 8 ply pattern in 4 ply wool?

The difference between 8-ply and 4-ply wool, can depend on the weight of the plies. Some 3-ply yarns have heavy weight (fatter) plies, which knit up heavy worsted, where 2-ply lace weight yarn plies are much lighter (skinnier) plies that knit up very light/lacy/small.If I were to guess, the 8-ply in question, may have smaller plies than the 4-ply. I think if you double the 4-ply, that would be too much. You should try a gauge swatch using the 4-ply singularly, and maybe adust the needle size.

What might a first time knitter knit?

You can knit a simple scarf, or a hot pad.

How much THC does afghan kush have in it?

Around 20% thc

How many dk weight yarns to make a worsted weight yarn?

In general, dk and worsted mean much the same thing. Dk is used in the UK and worsted in the US. However, there is a lot of variation between brands. The best idea is to check the length and weight information on the ball bands. I do find that US worsted weight patterns make up well in dk, but I always have lots left over!

How many yards of yarn does it take to crochet a twin size afghan using an H hook and single crochet stitches?

You would need to know what yarn you are using - sport, worsted, bulky - and what pattern. Different stitches will use different amounts of yarn. Single crochet is more dense than double crochet and would use more yarn to make the same size finished product. Afghan stitch is also dense with same result. With worsted yarn I would estimate 2500-3000 yards. That is a really rough estimate, however, without more information. Your chosen pattern should specify the yarn to be used and how much. If you want to substitute yarn, you can compare other yarns with the same weight, number of ounces and yards.

How many calories do you burn knitting in a hour?

It depends on how fast you knit and how much you knit in that time. It is almost guarantied to be almost nothing though.

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How much is 1 gram of afghan kush worth?

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