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It would cost $17.70 after the discount.

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Q: How much would a shirt be if its 29.50 but 40 percent off?
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1 km = 1000 m 2950 m = 2950/100 = 2.95 km

How much is 2950 meters into km?

1000 metres = 1 kilometre so 2950 m = 2950/1000 = 2.95 km. Simple!

How much is 2950 in kilometers?

One kilometer is equal to 1000m. Hence 2950 equals to 2.950 kilometer.

How much would you pay for a 15.00 shirt after the 10 percent disocunt?

10% of 15 = 1.515 - 1.5 = $13.50

How much cotton is in a tee shirt?

That is completely based on which tee shirt you are talking about, there are 100 percent cotton ones, and everything from 40 percent to 99 percent otherwise.

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A shirt that normally sells for 12.99 is on sale 20 percent off How much does it cost?

The sale price would be $10.39 + tax.

How much is a shirt that cost 0.97 with 8 percent sales tax?


How much do you pay for a t shirt is it is 30 dollars and you get 60 percent off?


How much would Sherman pay if he bought shoes for 20 a shirt for 31 and a tie for 23 and paid a 6 percent sales tax?

78.44 (A+)

How much would shear Pay if he brought shoes for 20 a shirt for 31 and a tie for 23. And paid a 6 percent sales tax?


A shirt cost 50 and is 10 percent off how much will you pay?

You will pay 45 + tax.

If a shirt cost 8.50 and the sales tax is 6 percent how much will the shirt cost?

The total tax is $0.51 and the total price with tax is $9.01.

If a shirt cost 8.50 how much will it cost during a 10 percent off sale?

$7.65 + tax.

How much would a shirt cost at walmart?

14 bucks

If a shirt is 50.00 and has a 10 percent dicount tag how much will you save on the shirt?

10% of 50.00 is £5 hence 50.00 - 5.00 is £45 so you will save £5.00

How much did a shirt cost in 1925?

* The cost of a shirt in 1925 would be about 5 cents back in that day for us that would be about 20 dollars!!!

What is the correct.... How much percent or how many percent?

The preferred wording would be, "what percent".

How much will a 100 percent cotton shirt shrink?

about 5 to 10 percent on the average,more so in length than the width!!

What is the meaning of to ship a T-shirt?

This would mean how much it costs to send a t-shirt. If you are buying a shirt from a website, this dollar amount will be added to your order to pay for mailing the shirt to you.

How much sales tax will Nicole pay on a 36 shirt if the tax rate is 7 percent?

That depends what you mean by a 36 shirt. Usually it means a size 36 shirt, so the answer depends on the price of such a shirt. If you mean a shirt that costs 36 (dollars, cents, euros, whatever), the answer is 2.52.

How much would a 2004 Warwickshire cricket team shirt be worth if It was signed by the entire first line up?

How much a Warwickshire cricket team shirt would be, if it was signed by the entire team, would depend. The actual value of the shirt would depend on the condition it is in and if there is any sort of supply and demand for it at the time.

Donald wants to purchase a shirt for 30.00 How much will the discount be on the item if it is marked off 30 percent?

9.00 or 9

How much is a Pompey football shirt?

how much is a Pompey football shirt

How much would a signed New England Patriots shirt be worth?

It depends on the shirt (t-shirt, replica jersey, authentic jersey, etc.), it's condition and who signed it.