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300 dollars

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Q: How much would it cost in petrol to drive 800 miles 130 p per liter of petrol?
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How many miles would you drive in a fiesta on a liter of petrol?

15 billion miles

How many liters of petrol would I need to drive 38 miles?

In an average car, you would need about six liters of petrol to drive 38 miles. This is equal to about 1.5 US gallons.

How much petrol would it cost to drive from leeds to Scarborough in a citreon Saxo 1.4 liter?

Twice as much as it would take to get half way there ;-)

How many KMS you may drive per liter by a Nissan tiida?

how many Kilometers would I get on a full tank of petrol with a Nissan Tiida auto

How much will it cost to drive 90 miles at 25 miles per gallon?

That would depend on the price of fuel, in the UK you would pay around £5.24 per imperial gallon of petrol (September 2010), that would cost around £18.88 to drive 90 miles.

How much petrol would you use to travel 44 miles?

None, if you cycle! If you drive, it depends on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and your driving style.

How much is 500 miles in petrol?

500 miles is always 500 miles unless it's nautiical miles. I'm not sure if 500 miles in petrol would be classed as nautical miles.

How much would it cost in petrol to travel 365 miles?

It depends on the cost of said petrol and the efficiency of the vehicle in "miles per unit of petrol". You didn't supply enough information.

How much would petrol cost from London to Manchester driving a 1.4 liter golf?

It will cost approximately $22, for gas, to drive to Manchester from London. The cost will fluctuate daily. With the price of gas.

How many liters of petrol is 30 miles?

This question is too ambiguous. Litres and miles are not similar measurement units. Litres measure volume, while Miles measure distance. If you want to know, for instance, the number of litres it would take to drive 30 miles, you would first need to know the petrol usage rate measured in litres per mile. A sensible estimate however would be around four litres.

How many miles can you run a semisynthetic lubricating oil in a petrol car?

Depends on how you drive. If you drive mostly city, with short trips, I would recommend changing it every 4,000 miles. In mixed driving I would change it every 5,000 miles. If you drive mostly city change it every 7,000 miles. Of course I am assuming you drive a 2005 or newer vehicle. You can never go wrong by following the manufactures recommendations as listed in your owners manual.

How much would it cost in petrol to drive from calais to Barcelona?