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The average frequency of a month with five Saturdays, five Sundays and five Mondays, or in other words a month that begins and ends with Saturday-Sunday-Monday, is 0.9975 time per year or about once every 1.0025 years. Most years have one of such a month, and for every year that doesn't have any there is a year that has two of them with one exception every 400 years. Years that have two of them are years that begin on a Saturday, like 2005, 2011, 2022 and 2028. Years that don't have any are years that end on a Tuesday, like 1996, 2002, 2013 and 2019.

Regarding luck, I believe there are two sides to luck, an empirical side and a supernatural side, or one side that is based in logic and one that seems to defy known logic. On the empirical side, most beliefs about luck are probably based on the experiences of someone or a group of people. For example, the reason they say that it's bad luck if a black cat crosses your path is probably because when a black cat crosses your path, if it's dark, you're more likely to trip over it, and the reason they say it's bad luck to walk under a ladder is when something falls off a ladder, you're more likely to get hit if you're walking under the ladder at that time. But what if it's not dark and there's nothing on the ladder? Well, there could be other experiences that lead to the luck determinations, like the ladder itself could fall on you, or there might be reasons we can't even think of. But what if the collective experiences of everyone who ever lived do not suggest that something is either lucky or unlucky? Then I believe that something could still be lucky or unlucky to someone who believes a statement about luck to be true. His/Her own belief makes something lucky or unlucky. It's like a self-fulfilling prophesy, which is something that you subconsciously make happen by believing that it will happen. So are months that begin and end with Saturday-Sunday-Monday good luck? I guess they are if you like those months or if you have some sort of advantage during those months... or if you think they are.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are a minor, before accepting anyone else's beliefs always discuss it with you parent(s) first, especially when it has anything to do with something that seems to contradict known logic.

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Q: How often does a month have 5 Saturdays 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays is it good luck?
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