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On your birthday in January, 2010, you'll turn 17.

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Q: How old are you if you were born janurary 1993?
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If you are born in 1993 how old will you be in 2010?

It will be 2010-1993. So you would be 17 years old if you were born in 1993.

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How old are you was born in 1993?


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As of October 2011, someone born in March 1993 would be 18 years old.

If someone was born May 4 1993 how old are they?

As of November 2011, someone born on May 4, 1993 will be 18 years old.

How old are you in 2011 if you were born in 1993?

17 years old

Its 2010 how old are you if born in 1993?

As of 2010, you will be 17 years old. (2010 minus 1993 = 17).

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You are 16 years old.

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