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Riverside Arms was a tradename used by Stevens and later by Savage. Would help to know what other markings are on the gun.

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Q: How old is a 12-gauge pump Riverside Arms shotgun made in Chicopee Falls MA with four numbers on the trigger guard which are not legible except first one which is a 7?
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What year is your 12gauge light a5 with these numbers OG 73890?

This gun was made in 1960

What number do you use to cross reference a Riverside shotgun to J Stevens model numbers?

The Riverside model number will be identical to the Stevens number.

How do you know what model a browning 12gauge is with numbers 212584?

Must be seen and compared against known examples similar.

What year did riverside arms start putting serial numbers on guns?

From the day they started making them.

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Could anyone tell you what a riverside 12 ga side by side would be worth it only says riverside arms and you found numbers 41126 on it?

$50-$200 depending on condition. Use the NRA condition guide to determine.

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When was your springfield 12 gauge serial 71809 central arms co and Stevens arms co and chicopee falls mass is on the gun too -94a- and 71809 21 are the numbers on the gun made?


How old is a riverside arms shotgun double barrel 12 gauge with external hammers and only the numbers 3702?

80 years plus or minus...

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What is the date made and value of a Riverside 12 gauge pump with Browning Patent Proof Tested with numbers 82786 B behind the trigger?

$60 to $100

Ihave a 12 ga side by side double barrel with outside hammers it was made by js Stevens at company in chicopee falls mathe only numbers you can find is 16352 is it worth anything .Jim?

Wall hanger.

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How much is a savage Stevens model 58 20ga bolt action worth with no serial numbers?

The Stevens Model 58 Salvage Shotgun with no serial number was probably manufactured in the early 1940's in Chicopee Falls MASS. It's value could range from $400.00 to $ 1500.00 depending on condition. If it has the Chicopee Falls Mass manufacturer on the barrel a good starting point is $ 500.00 and up depending on condition.

Who made the 22 marvel no serial numbers removable barrel and falling block receiver?

The J. Stevens Arms Co. of Chicopee Falls, Mass, introduced their Model No. 16 "Crackshot" rifle in 1900. This was also sold with markings as The Keystone, The .22 Marvel or The .22 Spencer. Serial numbers were not required on rifles until the 1968 Gun Control Act.

The barrel of my gun says STEVENS Savage Arms Corporation MODEL 87A Chicopee Falls MASS USA along with patent numbers and a serial number How old is it?

I have the same rifle. =) From it looks like about 200,000 were made somewhere between 1938 and 1945.

What information on j Stevens single barrel 410 shotgun break down sn 4770 springfield made by j Stevens chicopee falls mass usa?

I'm having the same probem. Except mine has matching numbers (33NL) stamped on the bottom of the barrel and inside the triger housing. No other numbers Mine also says "Springfield" manufactured by "J.Stevens Arms Company" Chicopee Falls, Mass. U.S.A. Other markings - top of barrel left side -proof tested 410 bore/---3 inch chamber---/ top of barrel right side - Selected Forged Steel. Any info. call.....317/523-1438

What information is available about a Riverside Arms shotgun in 12 gauge with only Riverside Arms and the numbers 8494 stamped on it?

The Riverside trade name was used by the Stevens division of Savage Arms from about 1920 to the late 1940's. It will be a well-made but unexciting firearm, and if it has been cared for will still throw a load of birdshot at a dove or pheasant as long as you stick with standard field loads. If it is still in factory-new condition, you may find an interested collector who will pay over $100 if it is a single shot or $300 for a double barrel, but more likely it would run about 1/2 to 3/4 of the price of similar new guns, which are priced at $90 (single) and $300 (double). Riverside Arms Company: Trade name used by the J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company on various types of firearms. I know of three side-by-side shotguns made by Stevens under the Riverside label: the 215, the 315 (early) and the 315 (late). The 215 had external hammers, while the 315s were hammerless boxlock guns. Values can range up to $1000 for new in box specimens.

What is a 12 gauge single barrel shotgun made by j Stevens arms tool co chicopee falls mass with the numbers 71 743 worth?


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When was savage arms model 99 serial number 628533 produced?

What year was savage model 99 serial number 656801 produced and were was it made. I think it was made in chicopee ma. I am from westfield ma were there is a savage arms company.First lets start with the Savage Arms Co.They began production in Utica NY,in 1894,then moved to Chicopee Falls, the year 1946.They moved to there present location in 1960,which is the plant that you have noticed.The serial numbers for the model 99 rifles in the public domain end at serial number 566,000 which was the end of the year 1950.They averaged 38,000 rifles produced a year.By using that method,I would say that your rifle was made in the year 1952,or 1953.for the serial number 628533,the other serial number 656,801,should be 1953-1954.

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