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Q: How old is a person on Feb 12 2014 who was born Nov 12 1989?
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How old would you be if born feb 15 1989?

You will turn 25 in 2014.

What is the Chinese Zodiac Animal for 1958?

If born before Feb 18 the person is of the Yin Fire Rooster. If born Feb 18, 1958-Feb 07 1959 the person has the year of the Yang Earth Dog.

What are the dates of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics?

Sochi Winter Olympics is from Feb 7, 2014 to Feb 23, 2014.

How many days old are you if you were born February 9 1989?

If you were born February 9 1989, until today, Feb 19, 2010 you are 7680 days old.

Did Abby Lee Miller's mother die?

Maryen Lorrain Miller passed away on Feb. 8, 2014 according to her obituary appearing in the Miami Herald on Feb. 16, 2014 Miami Herald on Feb. 16, 2014 Miami Herald on Feb. 16, 2014

When was basant panchami in 1989?

10 feb 1989 Friday

What was the date of Maha Shivaratri in the year 1989?

28th feb 1989

Trace Cyrus bio?

He was born on Feb.24th,1989. He is roumored to be dating Ema M

What famous person was born in the sixties?

Dr. Dre (Feb. 18, 1965

How old would a person be born in feb 1915?

96, Nearly 97

What day of the week was Feb 13 1989?

February 13, 1989 was a Monday.

If I was born on Feb 22 when was I conceived?

If I was born on Feb. 22 when was I conceived?

How Old Are Rubert Grint And Daniel Radcliffe?

Daniel Radcliffe - Born: 23 July 1989 aged 20 (on feb 2010) Rubert Grint - Born: 24 August 1988 aged 21 (on Feb 2010)

What day of the week was Feb 4 1989?


What day was feb 9 1989?

It was Thursday , I believe

How many days on feb 2014?

28 days.

What day of the week was February 17th 1989?

Feb 17th 1989 was on a Friday

What day is the 25 feb 2014?

it's a Tuesday :D

When is pink panther 3 coming out?

feb 10 2014

Is Obama'sstronger post-election?

at 39% now [ feb,2014 ]

When is Mother's day in Norway?

Mother's Day in Norway is on the Second Sunday of February. The most recent dates were Feb 10, 2013, Feb 9, 2014, and on Feb 8, 2015.

If you were born in February what animal would you be?

February is the month for both Aquarius (Feb 1- Feb 19) and Pisces (Feb 19 - Feb 28).

When is National School Counseling day for 2014?

National School Counseling Week is Feb. 3-7, 2014.

Is a person born on March 19 a Pisces?

Yes. The sign of Pisces applies to any individual born between Feb. 19 and March 20.

How do you correct AIPMT application form?

Students who have applied for AIPMT 2014 and have made any mistakes in their form can make the necessary corrections from 1 Feb 2014 to 28 Feb 2014. To make the correction, candidate needs to login at and proceed with the form editing.

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