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How old is a person who has lived for 864 months?

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To convert from months to years, divide by 12.

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Q: How old is a person who has lived for 864 months?
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How old was the youngest baby on the titanic but lived?

24 months

How old would somebody be if they lived for 111 days?

About three and a half months old.

What qualification did a person need to participate in GA's land lottery?

every white male who lived in ga for 12 months and was at least 21 years old

Who lived the longest in the US?

the lonest person has lived was georage washington. He lived to be 1,000 years old!!

How many months have you lived if you are 13 years old?

156. Technically, a 13-year-old would have lived anywhere between 156 and 167 months (depending on how long they've been 13). As there are 12 months in a year, 12*13=156.

How old is a person who has lived a million hours?

114.16 years old

How old as a person is 5 years in months?

60 months old. (5 years x 12 months a year= 60)

How many years old is a person who has lived for a million years?

The person would be 1,000,000 years old.

How old will a person be if they lived for a million weeks?

Approximately 19,230 years old! :)

How old has a person lived to?

The oldest person ever was Jeanne Calment who lived a long life of 122 years than passed away! (:

How old is a person below the age of 0 months old?

count the days

How old is the oldest person ever recorded?

they are 121 years old and they lived in japan

How old did Anne Frank live to be?

Give-or-take a week or so, she lived to be 15 years, 9 months old.

How old would you be if you lived one million days?

Roughly: 2,737 years and 10 months

How old was the youngest person in the world to have puberty?

The youngest person to hit puberty was 3 months old! I know I can't believe it either The youngest person to hit puberty was 3 months old! I know I can't believe it either

How old would a person be if they lived 1 million seconds?

Approximately 11.57 days old.

Who is Evis?

an old person who lived long ago who was a super star

What is my age?

Age is a measure of how long a person has lived or a thing has existed. For humans, this is represented in months up to 23 months. From age 2, human age is given in years. However, children often still count their age as years and months ("I am 5 years and 4 months old."). Also, it is often fun for an adult (usually elderly) to return to giving their age in years and months ("I am 91 years and 7 months old. And that is old!"For objects, humans don't count months, unless it is important to the story. Example: The new Court House was only 5 months old before the tornado destroyed it. Most often, objects skip age until it is at least 1 year old, but most often, people are more interested in age only if the object is very old or has an anniversary of creation. Example: The stadium celebrated its 25th anniversary.

How old was Harry Potter when he first lived with his aunt?

Harry Potter was fifteen months old when he moved in with his Aunt and Uncle Dursley.

Oldest person in the worl ever lived to be?

Jeanne Calment lived to be 122 years old.But the oldest person now just turned 115Calolaine Watkins lived to be 120 years of age.

How old is yoda in episode 1?

Yoda is 864 years old in Episode 1

How old was the oldest person who lived?

The oldest person ever living was Jeanne Calment she was aged 122 yrs old and her nationality was french, she was born 29th June 1865 and died 4th August 1997. :) x da oldest person kliving is over 130yrs old

How old will a person be if they were born in 1999 and lived to the year 3000?

1,001 years old. Which is humanly impossible.

How old was horus when he died?

Horus is a Egyptian deity, not a person who has lived/died.

What is a person called who is over 100 years old?

A person who is 100 years old or older is called a "centenarian," meaning they have lived for a century or more.