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M agaby de ''Pequenos Gigantes'' tiene 11 anos.

M agaby from''Pequenos Gigantes is 11 yrs. old

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Q: How old is magaby from pequenos gigantes?
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Does Magaby from pequeños gigantes Have a boyfriend?

Yes she dose its Jorge also from peque&ntilde;os gigantes.

Where is pequenos gigantes is being held?

In Mexico !

Who does jesus like from pequenos gigantes?


Where and when is th auditions for pequenos gigantes 3?


Who well win tonight in pequenos gigantes?

Los Irresistibles

Who won pequenos gigantes?

the 3 top winners of the commpetion, pequenos gigantes are ...............1.los Iresistibles ENGLISH2.Las Mega Estrellas last but not least...3. Los RebeldesLos ganadores de la competecia pequenos gigantes eson...............1.los Iresistibles ESPANOL2.Las Mega Estellasal ultimo son...3.Los Rebeldes

Is there going to be another season of pequenos gigantes?

Yes,theres going to be a season 2

What are the judges names on pequeños gigantes?

The judges names on Pequenos Gigantes are :1. Raquel2. Flaco3. Noel4. Josa5. Pierre6. Blancai hope that yo te ayude :P

Where is pequenos gigantes held?

The show is held in Televisa.Televisa is a Mexican TV network and it's campus is in Mexico City, Mexico.In the US it is transmitted through Univision.Well obviosly the show is over, but there are going to be auditions for Pequenos Gigantes 2 (for this year 2012).The difference for the auditions this year is that there will be auditions in the US also (and of course in Mexico).So this year kids that don't live in Mexico or are Mexican can audition(to audition they have to be fluent in Spanish but they can be any Hispanic race not only Mexican).I hope that helped.For more info on the auditions for Pequenos Giagntes go to

Who is the winner of pequenos gigantes?

Yu pienso que va aqanar youshi porque con su capasidad eso lo ase mas talentosos y canta muy bien

What is the spanish word for feet?

pies pequenos ('pequenos' should have a tilde, ~, over the 'n')

When was Evelyn Gigantes born?

Evelyn Gigantes was born in 1942.