How old is minecraftuniverse?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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he is 18, he is the youngest in the Team Crafted group/team

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Q: How old is minecraftuniverse?
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Who is minecraftuniverse?

minecraftuniverse is a person who plays minecraft and makes videos, and has over 1 million subscribers.

What is minecraftuniverse real name?


minecraftuniverse real name?


What is minecraftuniverse's name on skype?


Where does minecraftuniverse live?

we don't know where he live

What is minecraftuniverse's last name?

First Name:Jason, Last Name:Park (I think...)

Does minecraftuniverse have a girlfriend?

maybe in his photo I see a girl that he may or may not lie

Who was TrueMU?

TrueMU is known as MinecraftUniverse and is a teenager and is named Jason. He has a server with the IP of: no caps or spaces.

What is the music used in the credits by minecraftuniverse?

i think its his song eclipse that jason (minecraft universe) made himself. its kind of just a guess

Who are the members of team crafted?

The memebers of Team Crafted as of 12/16/13 are... Skydoesminecraft Jerome ASF BajanCanadian SSundee HuskyMudkipz MinecraftUniverse Deadlox

Does minecraft universe have a girlfriend?

MinecraftUniverse doesn't have a girlfriend, he never did I think but the pictures of him with girls are not his girlfriends those are his fans (His fans are mostly girls because they think he's cute, I agree with them)

Who is skydoesminecraft's buddy?

long list actuallyTrueMu/minecraftuniverse Deadlox/tyrone HuskyMudKipz/quinton Kermit(real life yes minecraft not really) Bajancanadian/mitch ASFjerome/Hacksource/jerome and lots of others NOT ANTVENOM AS HE SUCKS