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Q: How old is refrigarator 363.9638510?
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Whose nickname is The Refrigarator?

the discoverer and her cousins

Who invented the first refrigarator?

By Andrew Lewis in 1778

Can give a list of Albert Einstein's inventions?


What describes a refrigerator?

The volume and the refrigaration status describes a refrigarator.

Will bananas brown fraster on the counter or refrigerator?

it turns brown in the refrigarator

When the refrigarator is on and off it is more consume electricity?

If a refrigerator is off, it consumes no electicity.

Did Albert Einstein invent the refrigarator?

He was the co-founder of the refrigerator. Hope this helped you!

How do you keep eggplant fresh longer?

to keep it fresh longer you have to put it in the refrigarator

What is a vacuole like in a every day house thing?


How do you say refrigarator in spanish?

refrigerador. ree-free-her-a door also known as una nevera.

Who is the acreess that plays the wife on the yoplait commercial with the husband looking in the refrigarator?

Her name is Andrea Rosen.

Your 3 year old son gets up in the middle of the night and gets into the refrigarator and throws food everywhere and then falls back asleep.?

Tie a rope round the refrigerator so that he can not open it at night.