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Q: How old is uniqua from backyardagains?
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Who plays the backyardagains?

Sean curley, pablo LaShawn Jefferies, Uniqua Jonah Bobo, Austin Naelee Rae, Tasha Reginald Davis Jr, Tyrone Zach Tyler, Pablo Jamia Simone Nash, Uniqua Thomas Sharkey, Austin Kristin Klabunde, Tasha Jake Goldberg, Pablo Gianna Bruzzese, Tasha Jordan Coleman, Tyrone

How old is uniqua from the backyardigans?

She is six or seven years old.

What is uniqua from backyardigns?

uniqua is her name.shes a uniquabut we don't know what a uniqua isi think its an alien

What is uniqua?

I believe uniqua is a baby giraffe man f*** uniqua matter unfact go f*** yourself

Which animal is uniqua from the backyardigans?

Uniqua is a pig.Why people argue that she's not is because she has spots but if you take a closer look you can see that she is wearing an overall.

What is the pink thing in backyardigans?

Uniqua is a Uniqua that's the name of her species, the creator wanted to be her when she was a child.

Where can you find a Uniqua?

You know Uniqua from the backyard agains. If they play in there backyard! One of those animals Could live in your backyard! The two of the animals i think is Tiayrone The Moose! And Uniqua The Uniqua! So if you think you believe it!Look in your back or Front Yard!If you don't believe me! you can go to and type Uniqua & check its byographi! GOOD LUCK!

Is uniqua a bug if yes tell me your answer?

No, she is not a bug. She is an "uniqua". She is unlike any creature in the whole wide world!

What kind of animal is unequa from the backyardagains?

Unequa is a bug

Who does jamia play on backyardigans?


What species is uniqua?

She's your mom

What is the pink animal in the backyardagans?