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Q: How old was pascal when he made the pascal triangle?
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How old was blaise pascal when he invented the pascal triangle?


How did pascal make pascal's triangle?

pascal drew a triangle, and then signed his name at the bottom of the page. He was 7 years old

Solution of pascal's triangle using for loop?

pascal's triangle

Did Pascal discover Pascal's Triangle?

blaise pascal didn't discover Pascal's Triangle the Persians and Chinese discovered it.

Why did Blaise Pascal invent pascals triangle?

Pascal didn't invent pascals triangle, he just made It popular. A Chinese mathematician invented it in about 1015.

Flowcharting of pascal triangle?

draw a flowchart of pascal triangle using for loops

Who created the triangle percussion instrument?

it was made by Blaise Pascal in 1653

Who created pascal's triangle?

Blaise Pascal

Why did blaise pascal important contribution?

Blaise Pascal invented the Pascaline and Pascal's Triangle. Pascal's Triangle was a triangle, which started of with 1. The number underneath is worked out by adding the two numbers above it together. Using Pascal's Triangle, we can find many patterns, including Triangle Numbers.

What are the patterns in a pascal's triangle?

Pascal's rule for his triangle pattern is all the sides are ones

How are the odd numbers arranged in Pascal's Triangle?

how are the odd numbers arranged Pascal's Triangle?

Discovered Pascal's triangle and binomial expansion before Pascal?

yang hui discovered pascal's triangle it was discovered 300 years later by pascal

Examples of Pascals triangle?

Pascal's triangle

What did Blaire Pascal contribute in mathematics?

pascal triangle

In what way was pascal's triangle used?

Two major areas where Pascal's Triangle is in Algebra and Probability.

Who invented the pascal triangle before Blaise Pascal?

Nobody did

How did the Pascal's Triangle get its name?

It was invented by a mathematician named Pascal.

Who first named the triangle pascals triangle?


What is the sum of row five in pascal's triangle?

The Fifth row of Pascal's triangle has 1,4,6,4,1. The sum is 16.

Who discovered Pascal triangle?

Various aspects of Pascal's triangle were studied by mathematicians from ancient India, China, Iran and Greece centuries before Pascal.

Did pascal die before completing the pascal triangle?

Yes and no. See related link. The triangle methodology was employed in 1653 by Pascal, but not published until 1665. Pascal died in 1662.

What is the sum of the fifteenth row of pascal's triangle?

The sum of the numbers on the fifteenth row of Pascal's triangle is 215 = 32768.

Who invented triangle numbers?

By Pascal

Why did Blaise Pascal create the Pascal Triangle?

Pascal did not create the Pascal Triangle: mathematicians had studied it long before him (about 1800 years!). In the Western world, it is named after him because of his work in developing its uses.

Who Discovered Pascal's triangle?

Mathematicians knew about Pascal's triangle approx 1800 years before Pascal. Various mathematicians in ancient India, China, Iran and Greece explored different aspects of the triangle.