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Q: How old will someone born in many 1985 be in many 2010?
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How many total days since May 12 1985 to August 2nd 2010?

Subtracting May 12, 1985 from August 2, 2010 gives 9213 days.

By the year 2010 how many more people will live in Mexico City than were living there in 1985?

In 1985 the population was around 18 million, now it is about 21 million, and by 2010 it should be around 28 million , so that's about 10 million more people in 2010 than in 1985. ~GPG

If you were born in many 1942 and it is many 2010 how old are you?

You would be 68 on your birthday in 2010. (2010-1942 = 68)

How many days has it been since march 1st 1985 to September 26 2010?


How many Harry's were born in 2010?

the answer to that is 45.

How many people are born in a year 2010?


If someone was born in 384 BC and someone else was born in 1214 AD about how many years apart were they born?

1598 years.

How many American born players are on the American soccer team?

Of the 23 players in the United States soccer team at the 2010 World Cup, all but two were born in the United States. The two who were not born in the United States are:Stuart Holden (born August 1, 1985 in Aberdeen; currently playing for Bolton Wanderers F.C.)Benny Feilhaber (born January 19, 1985 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; currently playing for AGF Aarhus)

How many mens born in 2010 in Europe?

Mens cant be born only babies are born

How many days old are you if you were born 11 April 1960?

As of today's date, December 14, 2010, and including the start and end date in the calculation, someone born on April 11, 1960 would be 18509 days old.

How many days old are you if you were born in 1997?

2010-1997=13 years. There are 365 days in a year. After that it depends on when you were born in 1997 and to what day you are counting to in 2010.

How many days old would someone be if they were born 11-18-1998?

On March 1, 2010, the person was 4,121 days old. Add one more for each day after March 1.