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by putting a water to the plants

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Q: How plants survive?
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How can plants survive in land?

Plants survive in land by the water

How do plants survive in their envirnment?

Plants survive in their environment because they adapt to their climates

How do plants survive in dry places?

how do plants survive in dry or wet places?

How does sunlight affect the ability of plants to survive?

Without sunlight, plants can not survive.

The basic requirements for plants to survive are?

Plants have at least 2 very basic requirements in order to survive. Plants need both water and sunlight to survive.

Do plants need minerals to survive?

not all plants need minerals to survive but some do.

How does plants survive when eaten by animals?

they survive when the animals leave their manure after eating the plants.

What plants cannot survive in the desert?

Plants that can not survive in the desert are the plants that are not able to adapt to the changes in temperature that occur in the desert.

How can plants survive under water?

Certain plants (such as underwater ones) can survive being flooded in water. Plants can survive underwater because the sun's rays can penetrate water.

Why some plants can survive in desert?

Plants better adapted to conserve water survive in desert.

'What plants can survive the cold and warm weather'?

many plants can survive like arnolds and wreckers

What do tropical plants need to survive?

tropical plants need sunlight, CO2 and water to survive

Why can't plants survive Mars?

There is no ozone layer for plants to survive and the temperatures change drastic.

Can plants survive without light?

Some plants like mushrooms and fungi can survive without sunlight.

Animals that need plants to survive?

Ah Dur! Animals that need plants to survive are called herbivores.

Why do humans need plants to survive?

Because plants produce our oxygen and we can't live without oxygen, therefore we need plants to survive.

How do Rainforest plants survive?

Plants in the rain forest survive on little sunlight. They go through the process of photosynthesis just like other plants.

How does a rabbit need plants to survive?

A rabbit needs plants to survive because a rabbit is an herbivore. Without plants, it would surely die; no food.

Can plants only live with water?

Yes, all plants need water to survive. Plus there are plants that survive in water only and require no soil.

How do plants survive in subtropical region?

how do sunflowers survive in the subtropics

Can plants survive without animals?

some plants can survive without animals but most need it to pollenate the plant

Do plants need light to survive?

it depends. however most plants will need at least some light to survive

How do plants survive in rainforests?

Plants survive in Rain forests because it is their natural habit so they are fine living there!

Can people and plants survive in the desert?

Yes, man and plants can and do survive in the desert and have done so for thousands of years.

Will plants survive on kool aid?

No plants will not survive on cool aide because of the consistance of the liquid that cool aid is.

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