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Q: How should 8 ones 9 thousands 200 thousands 4 hundreds and 5 tens be written as a number?
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How should 5 thousands 10 tens 3 hundreds and 9 ones be written as a number?

5 thousands = 5000. 10 tens = 100. 3 hundreds=300. 9 ones = 9. That's 5000 + 400 + 9, which is 5409

Is it correct to say to have done it between hundreds thousands of people?

No, it is not correct, it should be hundreds of thousands of people.

How do you round 345982 to the nearest thousand?

hundred-thousands ten-thousands thousands hundreds tens onesAbove is the order of the place values so for the number above it would go like this:3 4 5 9 8 2hundred-thousands ten-thousands thousands hundreds tens onesTo round to the nearest thousand means that we must decide what number should be in the thousands place (where the 5 currently is) and then make all numbers to the right of it (the hundreds, tens, and ones place) a 0.To determine what number should go in the thousands place, we need to look at the hundreds place. If the hundreds place contains a number that is greater than or equal to 5, we round up (meaning we add one to that value in the thousands place) otherwise, we round down (meaning we keep the number in the thousands place the same).In this problem, the hundreds place contains the number 9. Since this is greater than or equal to 5, we round up.To round up, we add 1 to the value in the thousands place.So, 5+1 = 6 --> Now the thousands place contains a six and all places to the right become zeros, so the final answer is:346000

How do you write out 105 million?

In words, you'd write it as one hundred and five million. You'd write the number as 105,000,000. A number in the hundreds has 3 digits, a number in the thousands has 4-6 digits, and a number in the millions has 7-9 digits. A written out number with the word million after it denotes that six zeros would follow behind that number, as such: 105,000,000. If a written out number had the word thousand after it, that would mean that number should be followed by 3 zeros: i.e. 25,000.

Where should you go if you wanted a paintball party?

.... there are hundreds and thousands of paintball places it depends where you live

How do you write Nine hundreds twenty thousands and two ones?

I'm not quite sure I know which way you wish to write this number down--whether in numeric order or the English word order. I'll try to do this both ways. Numerically: 20,902 or for money: $20,902.00 You must think in triplets when writing numerically. The thousands are to the left of the first comma, and the hundreds are the first digit after the comma, the tens after the hundreds, and the ones are the last digits. (I said that backwards; you should start with the ones, then to the left of the ones are the tens, then to the left of the tens are the hundreds, followed by a comma if there are thousands and higher.) The numeric form is written out as follows: twenty thousand, nine hundred two. I was taught not to put the word "and" after the word "hundred". That is especially important if you are dealing with dollars and cents. If this number was monetary, it would be written: twenty thousand, nine hundred two dollars and no cents. I hope this is helpful......or was this a trick question?

Name the position of the first digit of the quotient?

Should be tens, hundreds, thousands ..... Example, for 600 / 2 This will be hundreds

How do you read large numbers?

i think that do read large numbers you should look at the place values. From right to left the place values are ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions, and so on.

How do you write 4 ten thousands 6 thousands 8 tens and 3 ones?

40,683 ********************** I think it should be: 46,083 (There are no hundreds.)

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How should number '8' be written correctly?

It is written as 'eight'

Who did Jethro suggest should assist Moses in judging the people?

Newly-appointed officers of tens, hundreds, fifties and thousands (Exodus ch.18).

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Perhaps the natives of New Zealand should get the credit for that one, since they were living there with kiwis around them for hundreds of thousands of years.

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phone number

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How is the number 6 written in Roman numerals?

Written as a Roman numeral, the number 6 would be expressed as VI. The letter V indicates the number 5 and the letter I indicates the number 1. When the letter I is written after the letter V in Roman numerals it indicates that 1 should be added to the number written before it.

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