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[(-4)(-3)]=-4•-3=-12 but since they're both negative the answer is positive so it's +12 + 6= 18

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Q: How so you simplify the equation -4-3 plus 6?
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What is 14 plus 21c?

it is not possible to simplify this equation so the answer would just be,14+21c

Can you simplify 43 to a lower number?

no because 43 is a prime number and you can not simplify or reduce that number because it is prime so your answer is no.

What does b plus 4b equal?

Your equation cannot be solved. So we simplify using fun algebra! 4b + b = 5b

6x plus 4-3x?

To solve the equation 6x plus 4-3x,first subtract 3x from 4 which leaves you with 1x. The equation now reads 6x plus 1x, which equals 7x. --- Actually, to simplify this, we have to keep the numbers multiplied with the variables from the plain numbers. The equation based on the question it this: 6X + 4 - 3X So there is a +6X a -3x and a +4. So we simplify by consolidating the numbers multiplied with the Xs. So 6X - 3X is 3X. So we have 3x + 4. There is no way to solve this since we have only part of it and no equal sign.

What is the answer to 1-5x plus 7x?

1 - 5x + 7x is an expression, not an equation (no equals sign), so you cannot solve for x. You can, however simplify (combine like terms) and get 1 + 2x.

How do you simplify -4x plus 9x equals?

minus 4 plus 9 = 5, so 5x

How do you do math x4 plus 11x2 plus 10 equals?

Um.. your question is kinda vague... but I'm gonna assume your question is 4x+11X2+10... so you have to use the order of operations. multiplication first... so 11X2 is 22, making the equation 4x+22+10. Then, add 10 and 22 together, making the equation 4x+32. you don't know what 'x' is, so that's as far you can simplify the equation. So the answer to you question is 4x+32.

What are the properties of the equation 0 plus xx?

There is no equation i the question so it has no properties.

What number should be added to 9 to make it 6?

-3 In 9+(-3)=6, the negative sign essentially cancels out the plus sign. So it is mathematically acceptable to simplify this equation with 9-3=6.

Simplify 2t squared plus 8t plus 5 equals 0?

2t2+8t+5 = 0 The expression in this quadratic equation is not so simple to factorise because 5 is a prime number which has only two factors (itself and one) but we can get a near enough solution by using the quadratic equation formula. Using the quadratic equation formula gives the solution as: t = - 0.7752551286 or t = - 3.224744871

How do you solve this equation 7x-3x-824?

you have to combine like terms so its 4x-824. just simplify it.

8x plus y -16?

You can't simplify that. And you can only calculate a numeric value if you know what values the variables have.