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Q: How strong is the repulsive force exerted on two point charges that each carry 1.0 E-6 C of negative charge and are 0.30 meters apart?
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Does current electricity have positive and negative charges?

No electric charges may be positive or negative - electrons have a negative charge; ions have a positive charge.

Why are cathode electrons attracted to anode?

The force between charges is repulsive between charges with the same sign, and attractive between charges with opposite signs. The cathode is charged negative, and the anode is charged positive. Electrons have a negative charge. So any electron in the neighborhood of a pair of charged electrodes will be repelled by the cathode and attracted to the anode.

What charge is it if a substance has 9 positive charges and 11 negative charges?

You can easily find the charge by adding number of positive charges and number of negative charges. Just keep in mind the convention that a unit positive charge is +1 and a unit negative charge is -1.So the answer for your question is = 9 + (-11) = -2which means net charge is 2 negative charge.

What are the 2 types of electric charges?

Positive charge and negative charge

How do you compare and contrast the electrical field around a negative charge and the electric field around a positive charge?

Around a positive charge we have a repulsive field and around negative charge we have an attractive field.

A subatomic particle with a negative charge?

Electrons have negative charges.

Is an object without a charge repelled by both positive and negative charges?

Positive and negative charges would have not effect on an object without charge.

3 positive charges and 4 negative charges what is the overall charge of an atom?

If an atom has 3 positive charges (protons) and 4 negative charges (electrons), the 3 positive charges would "cancel out" 3 negative charges, with one negative charge left over. So the atom would have a charge of -1.

What are the three electrical charges?

Positive charge, negative charge or neutral. (no charge)

What are the charges of the atom?

The charges of an atom are, protons are positive (+). Neutrons has a neutral charge or no charge(0) and electrons have a negative charge (-).

The charge of an electron is?

electrons have negative charges

Which electral charge can move?

negative charges