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17 million one-dollar bills would stack to about 6,091.67 feet high.

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Q: How tall is a stack of one dollar bills worth 17 million?
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Related questions

How much is a 6 foot tall stack of 20 dollar bills worth?

Approximately $335,520

How many 2 dollar bills are in 1 million?

It would take half a million (500,000 or 5 hundred thousand) 2 dollar bills to be worth 1 million dollars. Of course it would take a full 1 million 2 dollar bills to make a million BILLS.

How much is 300 lbs of one dollar bills worth?

1 million dollars

How much is a Bill Elliott million dollar bill worth?

Not much! Too easy to fake. I have a stack of 100 originals

Why is a dollar bill worth one dollar?

Dollar bills are not always worth one dollar, however one dollar bills are worth one dollar for the sake that 1=1, it is a one dollar bill, and can be exchanged for goods and services.

How much are 2003 two dollar bills worth?

two dollars. A couple of hundred million were printed, so they're not rare.

Why are 1999 dollar bills worth more than 1998 dollar bills?

If you have 1999 bills you have one more bill than if you have only 1998 bills.

Ton of dollar bills?


Who collects 1000000 bills?

The US never printed a one million dollar bill. Any you find are novelties, and aren't worth anything.

How big is a million dollars?

Based on the research done here ( A million dollars worth of $100 bills makes a stack about 40 inches high! If you do the math, that means a Billion is 3,333 feet high and a trillion dollars would make a stack over 3 million feet tall or roughly 630 miles high!!!

What is 2 dollar bills worth?

It is worth two dollars.

How much does a ton 1 dollar bills worth?

1 Ton of dollar bills is $907,184

What is worth more a million nickels or a mile high stack of nickels?

a million nickels

Is there a 1928 US 1 million dollar legal note?

No. All so-called "million dollar" or "billion dollar" bills are novelty items that sell for a few bucks in gift shops. The highest-denomination bills printed for circulation were worth $10,000. The highest-value bills ever printed were special $100,000 gold certificates used only within the Federal Reserve System.

Are confederate dollar bills worth anything today?

no about 5c

Why are 1976 American dollar bills worth more than 1975 American dollar bills?

Because 1976 bills are worth $1,976 and 1975 bills are worth $1,975 (If you were trying to make this look like a numismatic question by leaving out the commas, there AREN'T any U.S. $1 bills dated either 1975 or 1976!)

How many dollars is a 100 bill worth?

A 100 dollar bill is worth 100 one dollar bills.

How much are 1976 Bicentennial year 2 dollar bills worth?

Uncirculated bills retail for about $3. Circulated bills are only worth face value.

Where are dollar bills made in Texas?

Fort Worth

Are dollar bills with double letters on serial number worth anything?


How much would a stack of 1 bills one mile high be worth?

10,000 i guess

Why are 2007 American dollar bills worth more than 2006 American dollar bills?

Because $2,007 is greater than $2,006.

Are US one dollar bills from 1950 worth more than other ones?

No. US one dollar bills were not made in 1950.

How much is a red 1 dollar bill worth?

Zero. There are no red dollar bills.

Does one million dollar bill exist?

Not in the US. There are novelty items that look like $1,000,000 bills but they're intended as jokes. Zimbabwe recently issued a million-dollar note but it was in Zimbabwe dollars, not US dollars, and was only worth a couple of cents.