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Convert the total height to inches

11' 7" = 139 " (note I use ' for feet and " for inches)

Let Matthew's height be m (inches)

Then Hailey is m-17

Austin is m-9

Then (m) + (m-17) + (m-9) = 139

==> 3m -26 = 139

==> 3m = 165

==> m= 55

So Matthew is 55" or 4' 7"

Hailey is 38" or 3' 2"

Austin is 46" or 3' 10"

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Q: How tall is each of Santa's helpers if they are a combined height of 11 feet and 7 inches and Hailey is 17 inches shorter than Matthew who is 9 inches taller than Austin?
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