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Depends on how he grows

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Q: How tall will a fifty five inch kid grow up to be?
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How tall do eagles grow up to?


Can people grow fifty feet tall?

No if you could then wouldn't it of already happens.

How tall was Dwight Eisenhower?

Five feet ten and one half inches tall. Five feet and three fourths of an inch tall.

How many feet tall are coconut trees?

Coconut trees can grow to be around fifty or sixty feet tall.

How tall can parsley grow?

About five to twelve inches

How tall is Carlon Jeffery?

He is five foot one inch. (5'1")

Can you grow ten feet tall?

Since this is in the Giraffes catagory, Yes, they can grow to 10 ft. tall. Giraffes are usually born about 6ft. tall and can grow at least 1 inch per day. SO they grow up to 10ft or more...

How tall can a Shih Tzu grow?

about 16 inch and centimeter 50 1/4

How high do pomegranates grow?

between five and eight meters tall.

How tall are strawberries?

Strawberries do not grow 'tall', the plant hugs the ground and spreads out horizontally, it is at best about four inch's high.

How tall does a seahorse grow to?

They get about from less than 1 inch to 12 inches ( 1 foot)

Do all people grow?

no i don't grow i am only 1 inch tall tiny huh well yeah so sorry

How tall is one inch?

One inch is one inch tall.

If you are five feet two inches tall and are a fifty year old g how much should you weigh?


How high does grass grow?

There are many types of grass, some grow just an inch or two others such as bamboo can grow over 90 feet tall.

How tall is a 62 liner inch box be?

62 inches is five feet and 2 inches.

What is the average shoe size for a person who is five feet 2 inch tall?

size 7

How tall will a 4 foot 2 inch five year old boy be?

6 foot 8 very very tall

How tall can turtles grow up to be?

A box turtle can grow up to 4-inch and 1500 pound. wow! I bet you didn't know that

How tall can cat grass grow?

It can grow to be up to six or eight inches, but is usually mown down to about one inch by the cats eating it.

How large can a carnation grow?

Carnations get from 2-3 inch blossoms and 26-18 inches tall.

How high does wheat grow?

Normally about 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall, but some varieties in perfect conditions can grow nearly five feet tall.

How tall do Arabian horses grow to in feet?

It terms of feet approximately five feet.

What is the average weight for a five foot ten inch tall 12 year old girl?

she is a giant

How tall is the tallest wheat plant?

Most wheat plants only grow to about four feet in height. Maybe the tallest was over five feet tall, but that's as tall as you'll ever get them to grow.