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explain the procedure for sign modulus method and 2's complement method for storing positive and negative numbers?

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Q: How the procedure for sign modulus method and 2's complement method for storing positive and negative numbers?
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What is the modulus of a number?

In short: Modulus of a number means the positive value of that number weather it is positive or negative.

When you add a positive and a negative number what do you get?

if the modulus (just the value ignoring the signs) of the negative number is larger than the positive number, adding the two will get you a negative number, if the positive number is larger, than modulus of a negative number you will have a positive. Can be easily demonstrated on a number line. yes

How a modulus function works?

At the basic level, the modulus of a number or expression is simply the value of the number or of the expression. For a positive number the modulus is the number, for 0 it is 0, and for a negative number, x, it is -x (which is positive).

Is modulus of difference between two positive integers positive?

The modulus would be described as the distance between, it is without direction and would therefore always be positive.

Does modulus of negative numbers exists?

they do if you want them to.

Why do you take modulus of wave function?

psi is a complex numbers so its square will be negative(i^2=-i).. we take modulus of psi^ probability cannot be negative..

Which material have negative modulus of elasticity?

never heard of a negative modulus. Some special class polymers have negative Poisson ratio so when you pull on it gets wider inserted of narrower, but I know of none that get shorter when you pull on it

What is an example of how a modulus function works?

In mathematics, the modulus of a real number is its numerical value without regard to its sign. So, for example, 3 is the absolute value of both 3 and −3. When graphing a modulus function, f(|x|), graph the function f(x) ignoring the modulus and simply reflect any values below the x-axis (negative values) so they become positive.

How do you write a c program for taking decision whether a number of a series is even or odd?

There are several ways to determine if an integer is even or odd. The most efficient method is to simply check if the low-order bit is set or not. If it is, the number is odd, otherwise it is even. bool is_odd (int num) { return (num & 1); } However, if the system uses ones-complement notation to represent negative values this won't work because ones-complement has two representations of the value zero (one positive and one negative), even though zero is neither positive nor negative but is an even number. Most systems these days use twos-complement notation so this is rarely an issue but it's worth keeping in mind. The most generic solution is to divide the value by 2 and check the remainder using the modulus operator (%). If there is a remainder, the value is odd, otherwise it is even.

Is tensile modulus the same as young's modulus?

Yes, indeed. Sometimes tensile modulus is different from flexural modulus, especially for composites. But tensile modulus and elastic modulus and Young's modulus are equivalent terms.

Can young modulus be negative?

Yes, although it is not commonly possible. A textbook source is available under "Related Link".

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