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You subtract the highest number with x's from the lowest number with x's. the difference is your range.

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Q: How to find a Data range in a line plot?
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What is a range of numbers that includes all data?

Line plot

How do you find the range on a line plot?

listen in school

What is the range of the data for plot line?

The largest number minus the smallest number.

What are the differences between line graph and line plot?

On a line graph, the points are connected by a line. Hence the name 'line graph". A line plot is, A line plot can be used as an initial record of discrete data values. The range determines a number line which is then plotted with X's for each data value.

Do you use a line plot to order a data set?

no,you use a data when doing a vote. a line plot is for fractions or time line.

What is the meaning of line plot in math?

a line plot is a line that shows arrays on a line. you get data based on it.

What is the implication a scatter plot diagram?

It is to find the line of best fit for the co-relation of data

What is the range of the data on the line plot numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8?


How do you make a box and whisker plot?

you must have the cumulative frequency and calculate the upper and lower quartiles. Firstly, you must (from a set of data,) find the highest and lowest value, on a number line, plot these down using a short line. Next plot your median, upper and lower quartile range, plot these on using a larger line and join the lines up to form a box plot. You are now done!

What does line plot mean?

A line plot is used to organize data while it is being collected. It is a type of graph that uses a number line to show the frequency of data.

A graph that sHow is data along a number line is?

line plot

What diagram shows the frequency of data on a number line?

line plot

Is the scatter plot better then the line graphs?

No, scatter plot gives a rough picture of the data. Line graph gives information on tabulated data

If you are given a box plot without any numbers on the number line what can you tell about the data used to make the plot?

You could tell whether or not the data were skewed but that is all. You could make no assessment about the central tendency (mean) or spread (range, inter-quartile range).

How do you find the maximum on a number line plot?

Find the number that is most to the right of the line plot.

What is a line plot used for?

to show data in symbols.

What is line plot?

A line plot is a graph used to show frequency of data along a number line. You should use a line plot with less than 25 numbers to compare.

How do you plot line plot?

use the data you have been given and I don't know the rest

What is a graph that shows data along a number line?

line plot i think...

What is a graph called that shows data along a number line?

Line plot

What is a graph that shows how frequency of data along a number line?

Line Plot

What kind of data would a line plot be used for?

I think line plots are used to collect a numerous of data.

What is cluster on a line plot?

A cluster is where the majority of the data are plotted.

What gives the best representation of the distribution of data?

line plot

What is a cluster in data?

a data culster is where on a line plot there is alot of data in one section that has a large amount of data.