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The answer is the x coordinate of the point.

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Q: How to find a distance between a point and a y-axis?
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Find the distance between the points 4 6 and 4 6?

Since they are the same point, the distance between them is 0.

How do you find coordinates of a point given 1 point and midpoint?

since you know of one points and the halfway point between the other point. just multiply the halfway point by 2 and this is the total distance between the two points.

How can you find the center between cities that you travel from?

There is a category on this website for "Halfway Points." You can also find the distance between two of your cities and divide it in two. The distance between Philadelphia and Chicago is 760 miles. The halfway point is 380 miles.

How do you find the y intercept of a scatter plot?

Measure the distance between the point where the line intercepts the Y axis and the origin

How do you find the distance between 5 cities?

First, you have to specify what cities you want to find the distance between, and then you can find the distance between each one, and finally add all the distance together, to give you the total.

What is the distance between Detroit and Maryland?

The distance between the start point and the destination is 537 miles, and will take approximately 8 hours 56 minutes of driving time. where can i find nautical maps w/ distance on line

How do you find the distance from a point to a line?

graph it

How do you measure the distance between two cities?

The best way to measure the distance between two cities is to calculate the mileage. You can input your starting point's address and your destination in Google maps to find the exact mileage.

How can you calculate the average velocity of a bowling ball?

First, find an increment of distance. In between one place and another. Then, time how long it takes for the ball to get from point a to point b.Velocity= Distance divided by Time

How do you find the slope with one point?

y/x where y is the distance of point from x axis and x is the distance from y axis

How do you find the rf value?

the rf value equals the distance of the component from the starting point divided by the distance of the solvent from the starting point.

C program to find whether the given point lies inside or outside or in circle?

I'm not going to write the program for you, but the way to determine whether a point lies within a circle is very easy: just compare the distance between the point and the centerpoint of the circle with its radius. If the distance is smaller, it's inside the circle, if it's greater, then the point is outside.You can calculate the distance between the point and the centerpoint using Pythagoras's method. If the point is at (PX, PY) and the centerpoint is at (CX, CY), the distance can be calculated as such:DX = (CX - PX); // X distanceDY = (CY - PY); // Y distancedistance = sqrt( (DX * DX) + (DY * DY) );

Distance between Dubai and other UAE cities?

find the distance between the Dubai cities

How do you find the distance between the origin of a cartesian coordinate system and a point?

To find the distance between the origin and the point (x,y) use Pythagoras on the right angled triangle which has the points (0, 0), (x, 0), (x, y) - the distance is the hypotenuse of the triangle and so has length: distance = √(x2 + y2) This can be extended to find the distance between any two points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2): distance = √((x2 - x1)2 + (y2 - y1)2) (for the original question (x1, y1) is the origin (0, 0) and the first formula results.)

Why do maps show a scale?

So you can find out the actual distance from point A to point B.

How do you measure the distance between two heavenly bodies?

Let's say we want to measure the distance between objects A and B. First, we measure the distance from the Earth(point E) to these objects(using Doppler-shifts).Then, we measure the angle AEB.We now know the lengths of two sides, and the angle between them. That's how we find the distance AB.

What is the use of hand watch tachometer?

To measure the average speed of an object over a set distance. You must know the distance between point A and point B. But, if you don't have a watch with a tachymeter/tachometer function, you can find out speed over a measured distance if you simply know how to divide and convert.

How to Derive the formula of distance between a point and a line?

You must first write an equation for the line through the point perpendicular to the line. Then, find the intersection between the two lines. Lastly, use this point and the distance formula to find the length of the perpendicular segment connecting the given point and the original line. That will lead to the following formula, d = |AX1+BY1- C|/(sqrt(A2+B2)), Where A, B and C represent the coefficients of the given line in standard form and (X1,Y1) is the given point.

How the distance between two cities was measured and is measured now?

The distance between the countries can be find by travelling

How do you find a midpoint of coordinates?

how do you find distance between points

What is the formula to find the distance between two coordinates on the earth's surface?

To find the distance between two coordinates you must multiply the time it takes to get between them by the speed at which you traveled.

How do you find the driving distance between cities?

You can get distance and hours and directions from

How do you find the minimum distance between two targets?

The perpendicular distance is the shortest.

What metric unit is used to find distance between towns?

The distance between towns would be measured in kilometres.

How do you find the distance between two integers using the difference?

The difference (greater minus lesser) is the distance between them.