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As for example the square root of 16 is 4 because 4*4 = 16

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Q: How to find square roots?
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Do you divide to find the square roots?

people i am stuck in the square roots. Can you help by giving me the steps.

Find 2 square roots of 4i?


Why is there no quick way to find the square roots of thousands?

i dont no

What is the square root of 1.1449?

The square roots are -1.07 and +1.07The square roots are -1.07 and +1.07The square roots are -1.07 and +1.07The square roots are -1.07 and +1.07

Find all real square roots of 0.0036?

.06 and .06

Does 81 have 2 square roots?

yaa but im tryna find out why

How do you find the two square roots in a number?

Use a calculator (if you need) to find the principal square root. The second square root is the negative of the number.

Why would I need to use square roots and cube roots?

For school you will need to learn how to find square and cube roots in order to have the needed prerequisites to answer progressively harder and more complex problems.

What is the square roots of 529?

The square roots of 529 are: ± 23.

How do you find square roots of a number?

first take any number and multiply the number with the same number then we can find the square root of it.

How do you find the two square roots of 23?

Find the square root of 23. The second one is the same number with a negative sign.

What is the square root of 2 square inches?

square inches do not have square roots only number have square roots.

How do you find square roots of 784?

Using a calculator is one way and it is 28

Why can you not find a way to calculate square roots of thousands quickly?

There are three zeros.

Find all the real square roots of 1.3?

-1.1402 and 1.1402, approx.

What are the square roots of 8100?

The square roots of 8100 are 90, -90

What do you call nonnegative square roots?

You call them principal square roots.

What are square roots of 64?

The square roots of 64 are +8 and -8.

How do you find the square root in your head?

There is no simple way to find square roots in your head. You may be able to do it for a small number of perfect squares but that is about it.

Are all square roots of even numbers rational?

No. The square roots 8 are irrational, as are the square roots of most even numbers.

What the square roots of -256?

There are no real square roots of -256. But using complex numbers the square roots of -256 are 16i and -16i.

What is the difference between perfect and nonperfect square roots?

Perfect square roots are square roots that have a whole number that can go into it perfectly. Nonperfect square roots are square roots that have decimal numbers going into it. Example: Perfect Square Root: 144- Square Root: 12 Nonperfect Square Root: 24- Square Root: About 4.89

How are positive square roots different?

The answer depends on "different from WHAT?" Positive cube roots, or negative square roots?

What keeps a square from moving?


Are square roots always whole numbers?

NO try and find the square root of 3. don't hurt yourself.