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Work = (force) times (distance)

Force = 150 newtons

Distance = 8 meters

Work = (150) x (8) = 1,200 newton-meters = 1,200 joules

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Q: How to find work if you have to use 150 newtons to pull an object 8 meters?
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How do you solve a one digit equation in addition and subtraction?

you do 9+96= 120 + 58 multipluiyed by the gravitaiinal pull of the easth on a 1 kg object which is 9.8 newtons

Whatis the Difference between volume and weight?

Volume is the amount of cubic centimeters in an object. To find the volume of a regular shaped object multiply length x width x height. To find an irregular shaped objects volume put water in a container and measure the amount. Place the object in the water and measure the new volume. Subtract the old volume from the new volume and that's your answer. You would write as x cm3. Weight is gravity's pull on an object

If a force acts on an object but does not touch it the force is called force?

Yes. The definition of a force is a push or a pull. So, as long as the object moves, a force has indeed acted upon it.

What is the metric unit for weight?

Newtons (symbol: N).Do not confuse weight with mass (the unit of mass is the kilogram). Weight is the downward force exerted by a mass because of the pull of gravity.The unit of weight is Kg*m/s2Metric unit for mass is kilograms (kg), however weight is a different measurement defined as force that will act on the object due gravity of a given planet (so it measures in Newtons, N). On Earth your weight is almost the same as your mass (and that is not a coincidence) but on the other planet your mass will remain the same (say 70kg) while your weigh may change dramatically (depending on the gravity of the planet). In the free fall state your weight is zero.

When does the mass and or size of an object affect the time of its free fall?

if an object is lightr it will fall slower because gravity wont take it down as fast if it is heavier it will make the gravity pull it down faster

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-True or false work is force applied over a distance?

Work = Force times displacement The work done on an object is equal to the Force (push/pull) on the object in Newtons times the distance (in meters) that the object moves. If you push or pull on an object and it does NOT move (zero displacement), then no work is done on the object.

what is the measure of pull on a gravity object?

Newtons in Metric, and Pounds in the English System.

What is newtons 3 law?

A force is a push or a pull that acts upon an object as a results of its interaction with another object.

Are newtons weight?

Newtons are the force one object exerts on another. The weight you see on a bathroom scale is how much the scale pushes back, which equals the Newtonian force. However, mass and Newtons are different but related. Newtons is the gravitational pull multiplied by the mass. The basic equation is: (mass in grams)(9.8)=Force in Newtons 9.8 is the gravitational pull on every object on Earth.

What is the minimum force required to pull 50 newtons?

50 lb = 22.68 kg. The gravitational force on that mass is therefore 22.68 x 9.81 Newtons, the acceleration due to gravity being 9.81 meters/sec2. Answer = 222.5 Newtons

What is the exerted weight of an object?

The weight of an object is the force it exerts due to its mass and gravitational pull. On earth, a 1 kg object would 'weigh' 9.8 Newtons.

What is the measure of the pull of gravity on an object called?

The measure of the pull of gravity on an object is called its weight. Weight is the force exerted on an object due to gravity and is typically measured in units such as pounds or newtons.

Why newtons third can be stated as all forces act in pairs.?

Because that's what it is all about. If object "A" pulls on object "B", then "B" will pull back on "A".Because that's what it is all about. If object "A" pulls on object "B", then "B" will pull back on "A".Because that's what it is all about. If object "A" pulls on object "B", then "B" will pull back on "A".Because that's what it is all about. If object "A" pulls on object "B", then "B" will pull back on "A".

What can be measured in newtons?

The push or pull exerted on one object by another is simply a force and this is measured in Newtons. Using Newtons second law: Force = mass * acceleration, we can see that one Newton is the force required to move a one kilogram mass at a rate of one meter per second squared.

What force Measures the pull of gravity on an object. SI unit is the Newton (N)?

The force is the Newton unit in SI. For gravity the force is the weight of the object in Newtons

A push or pull that makes an object change movement?

"Every action has an oposite and equal reaction." One of Newtons laws.

What is the measurement of the force of gravity called?

Gravitational pull is measured in m/s (meters per second). For example, Earth's gravitational pull is 9.8 m/s/s, or 32 feet per second per second. Weight is similar to gravity, as weight is the measure of the gravitational pull upon an object. This force is measured in Newtons.