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Four factorial plus the square root of four minus (four divided by four)

24 + 2 - 1 = 25

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Q: How to get 25 only using the number 4 in a math equation?
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Can a constant in a math equation be a negative?

In a mathematical equation, the constant is defined as a term in the equation that only includes a real number. Since a negative number is a real number, then yes, a negative number can be considered a constant. For example, in the equation 6x -2... -2 would be the constant because it is a term that contains only the real number (-2).

How do you get 10 only using the number 9 in a math equation?

There are lots of ways to do this, but here's one:(99 - 9) / 9 = 10By the way, you probably mean "expression" rather than "equation." The equation includes both sides of the equals sign, so it isn't written only with 9's.

What times what equals 37?

37 is a prime number, so 1 x 37 is the only equation using whole numbers that can produce 37.

What is unbiased in math?

In math, everything is unbiased because every equation or every problem only has one correct answer. The only answer for 2+2 is 4; it cannot be 5 or 3 or any other number.

What math equation using 1 2 0 and only multiply and divide will get you the answer of 7?

210 divided by 30 equals 7 and 30 x 7 is 210.

Using 3 5 79 make an equation which equals 2 by using each number only once?

trunc(79/35) = 2

What math equation using 1 2 0 and only multiply and divide will get the answer of 9?

None. Division by 0 is not permitted and, as soon as you multiply by 0, everything becomes 0.

What is an equation you can get 24 with by using the number 6 4 and 3 no exponents may be used you may only add subtract multiply or divide please help?

Quadratic equation

What does one solution mean in math?

An equation may have zero, one, or more solutions (this is also true for a system of equations). The equation 2 + x = 5 has only solution, for example. x can only equal 3, so there is one solution. (An example of an equation with more that one solution is x2 = 4. In this case x can equal 2 or -2, so this equation has two solutions. An example of an equation with an infinite number of solutions is x + 6 = 3*2 + x. x can equal any number to make this equation true, so it has an infinite number of solutions. The equation x = x + 1 is an example of an equation with no solutions.)

What is a conditional equation in math?

A conditional equation is one in which it is only true for some of the variables but not for others. An example would be 2x-5=9. This is a conditional equation because the only possible value for x is 7.

Math square sums all side equal the same number using numbers 1 - 9 only once each?


What is definition of line in math?

a straight or curved continuous extent of length without breadth.

What is 0.15 repeating as an equation?

There's no way to make an equation out of only a number.

What is a math sentence that's made up only of numbers and operations?

A term, expression, equation or identity.

What is a math word using only letters qwertyuiopzxcvbnm?


How do you find the volume of a cylinder if you do not know the radius?

So you know this is the equation you are suppose to be using. If the equation gives you the diameter of the cylinder then divide that number in half and plug the number you got into the equation. This is because the radius is half of the diameter. Otherwise, the only way to find the volume is if you have the area of the base. Then multiply that area by the height.

What can be described not using math?

Just about anything. Math can describe things, but it's not the only way to describe things.

What do you call the number that replaces a variable to make an equation?

The number that replaces a variable is the solution to the equation. great question, but it's only the answer.??

What is 227 in math?

In math 227 is a prime number because it has only two factors which are itself and one.

Is math involved in barrel racing?

The only way math could be involved in barrel racing is if you look at it using physics.

Which level of consciousness are you using when solving a math problem?

The level of consciousness you are using when solving a math's problem may be referred to as esoteric. This is only understood by a small group that have a special interest.

What does a prime number mean in math terms?

a prime number has only 2 factors

What is the difference in applied math and pure math?

Pure math is always correct w/o error. Pure math delves into the realm of theory and generality. For example, the equation 3x+5=72. This is asking you to solve a very specific equation where x has one value and is very restricted in R^1. A pure math problem would ask you to prove integration by parts for all R^n, and even then, only as an undergrad. Applied math, on the other hand cares more about the real world and modeling. You might be asked to generate a graph based off of data or solve a very specific differential equation. However, applied math can only improve with the advancement of pure math. I.E. pure mathematicians create the patterns, rules, and tools of the trade while applied mathematicians take them out of theory and into practice.

What is the answer to this math equation -(-15x plus 12) 8x plus 2?

Without an equality sign the given expression is not an equation and so therefore a solution is not possible.

Riddles why is Tuesday the favorite day for math teachers?

It is the only day that was named after a number