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85 is an integer and it makes no sense to try to express it as a mixed number.

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Q: How to get 85 as a mixed numbers?
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What is an even number between 70 and 85 that is less than 10?

There are no numbers between 70 and 85 that are less than 10. Not a single one. That goes for even numbers, odd numbers, mixed numbers, and decimals.

What is 85.75 as a mixed number?

85.75 = 85 + 0.75 = 85 75/100 = 85¾

What are the compatible numbers for 673 and 85?

compatible numbers for 673 by 85

How do you write 85 over 8 as a mixed number?

85/8 as a mixed number is 10 and 5/8.

How do you change mixed numbers into mixed numbers?

you dont

How do you write 85.649 as a mixed fraction?

85.649 written as a mixed fraction is 85 and 649/1000

Are decimals in mixed numbers?

No. Mixed numbers are a number and a fraction.

What is 85.4 in mixed fraction?

85 4/10 --> 85 2/5

Which are the first 85 odd numbers?

The first 85 odd numbers are: 1 3579111315171921232527293133353739414345474951535557596163656769717375777981838587899193959799101103105107109111113115117119121123125127129131133135137139141143145147149151153155157159161163165167169.

What the definition for dividing mixed numbers?

what is the definition for dividing mixed numbers

Are mixed numbers whole numbers?


How is the concept of mixed numbers applied to the real world?

Find the sum of two mixed numbers by applying the procedure for adding mixed numbers, Solve a real-world problem by subtracting mixed numbers.

What is the prime number of 85?

Numbers can't have prime numbers, some numbers are prime numbers. Prime numbers are numbers that have no factors other than 1 and itself. 85 is not a prime number because its factors are 1, 5, 17, and 85.

What numbers go in to 85?

1, 5, 17, 85

What numbers can go into 85?

1, 5, 17, 85.

What is sum of these mixed numbers?

There is no answer because there are no mixed #.

How is comparing mixed numbers and whole numbers different?

Mixed numbers have fractional parts that must be compared; whole numbers do not.

Why are mixed numbers rational numbers?

Mixed number are rational numbers because they both have a whole number.

What are the first 85 Fibonacci numbers?

The first 85 Fibonacci numbers are:011235813213455891442333776109871,5972,5844,1816,76510,94617,71128,65746,36875,025121,393196,418317,811514,229832,0401,346,2692,178,3093,524,5785,702,8879,227,46514,930,35224,157,81739,088,16963,245,986102,334,155165,580,141267,914,296433,494,437701,408,7331,134,903,1701,836,311,9032,971,215,0734,807,526,9767,778,742,04912,586,269,02520,365,011,07432,951,280,09953,316,291,17386,267,571,272139,583,862,445225,851,433,717365,435,296,162591,286,729,879956,722,026,0411,548,008,755,9202,504,730,781,9614,052,739,537,8816,557,470,319,84210,610,209,857,72317,167,680,177,56527,777,890,035,28844,945,570,212,85372,723,460,248,141117,669,030,460,994190,392,490,709,135308,061,521,170,129498,454,011,879,264806,515,533,049,3931,304,969,544,928,6572,111,485,077,978,0503,416,454,622,906,7075,527,939,700,884,7578,944,394,323,791,46414,472,334,024,676,22123,416,728,348,467,68537,889,062,373,143,90661,305,790,721,611,59199,194,853,094,755,497160,500,643,816,367,088

What is 85 percent as a mixed number?

A mixed number is (a whole number) plus (a fraction), so all together, it must be more than ' 1 '. So 85% can't be equal to any mixed number, because 85% is less than ' 1 '

How do you change 85.4 to a mixed fraction?

85.4 = 85 4/10 = 85 2/5

How is dividing mixed numbers like dividing fractions?

you cant divide mixed numbers

What is 533 as a mixed number?

Whole numbers such as 533 are not normally expressed as mixed numbers

What is 360 as a mixed number?

Whole numbers such as 360 are not normally converted into mixed numbers

What is 688 as an mixed number?

Whole numbers such as 688 are not normally expressed as mixed numbers.