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take 1 ml, add 9 ml water.

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Q: How to make 10 percentage dilution?
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If it takes 11 ounces of chemical in 10 gallons of water to make a finished dilution of 05 How many ounces of chemical would it take to make 100 gallons of finished dilution at 05?

To find out how many ounces of chemical it would take to make 100 gallons of finished dilution at 0.5%, we can set up a proportion. Since 11 ounces of chemical are used in 10 gallons of water, we can establish the ratio of ounces of chemical to gallons of water as 11:10. By setting up a proportion and solving for x, we find that it would take 110 ounces of chemical to make 100 gallons of finished dilution at 0.5%.

What dilution to make 50percent acetone control?

2 times dilution from 100% acetone

How do you make a 10 fold dilution?

Add one part of the substance you want to dilute to nine parts water. Nine parts water plus one part substance is 10 parts. If you add one part substance to 10 parts water, you get an 11-fold dilution.

How do you get 0.1M from 1M HCL?

By 10-fold dilution

Does dilution make an acid weaker?


I have to prepare a 1 to 10 dilution and have a 2ml culture suspension and want to prepare a 1 to 10 dilution of the entire culture.?

Add 2 mL of culture to 20 mL of buffer. 2/20 = 1/10

Definition of dilution and dilution factor?

Dilution is the process of reducing the concentration of a substance by adding more solvent. The dilution factor is the ratio of the final volume of the diluted solution to the initial volume of the concentrated solution. It is used to calculate the new concentration after dilution.

What is dilution factor for 10 g of soil in 250 ml of water?

1 in 25. (10/250)

How do you make a 8 fold dilution?

An 8-fold dilution means you are making your solution 1/8 less concentrated. So, if you want to make 100 ml of a solution diluted 8 fold you would do as follows: 1/8=.125 100*.125= 12.5 Mix 12.5 mL of your concentrated solution with 87.5 mL of your solvent (water etc..) to bring the final volume to 100 mL. If you wanted to perform a ten fold dilution you would simply mix 10 mL of your concentrated solution with 90 mL of your solvent. 1/10=.1 100*.1=10

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What does 10 to 1 dilution mean?

It is a mixture of 1 part of the active ingredient (by volume) to 10 parts of the solvent.

How much solution to 1 liter water 110 dilution?

You add 9.09ml of stock solution to a volumetric and make it up to 1 litre to get a 110 dilution