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There is a hole in the ruler (i.e.) circle just make the circle using that

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Q: How to make a circle by using only ruler and pencil?
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How do you draw a circle with a pencil and ruler?

Use the ruler to measure the size of the circle you want - this will be a line all the way across the whole circle. Then, measure a piece of string with the ruler -- make this half the size of the original line. Use a thumbtack to tack the string in the spot you want the middle of your circle. Use a bit of tape to tape the other end onto your pencil (don't wrap it around or you will end up with a smaller circle!) Gently move the pencil around the thumbtack to make your circle.

How do you make a homemade compass made out of a paperclip and two pencils?

The idea is to draw a circle (two actually), using the ends of the paperclip to establish the radius of the circle, one pencil to anchor an end of the paperclip as the center of the circle, and a second pencil at the opposite end of the paperclip to draw the circle. Step by step, with the following diagram of characters, where the 'x' shows the place of the pencil that does not move, as the center of the circle, 'y' shows the place of the second pencil that moves to draw the small circle, and 'z' shows the place of the second pencil that moves to large small circle: (x______y)__z) # Place the paperclip on a piece of paper; # Put the first pencil inside the end of the paperclip that has just one loop ('x' above in the diagram). This pencil stays put, and is the center of the circle; # Put the second pencil inside either of the loops at the other end of the paperclip. Move this second pencil to draw a circle.

What do people use to make maps?

paper pencil and ruler

What should you use to find the length of a pencil?

The easy way to find the length of a pencil is to use a ruler to measure it. A "small" ruler might not make it, but a "regular" one foot ruler will do the job nicely.

How do you make a line?

You buy a ruler and a pencil at a store and you draw something

What are the precautions for using a ruler?

Make sure you are using the correct SI unit on the ruler.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of marking gauge?

The main advantages of using a marking gauge over a pencil and ruler is that you can repeat the settings on every workpiece that you mark out. (i.e. you can make an identical mark on each of the pieces you are working with).

Why do you draw using pencil?

you draw using pencil because if you make a mistake you can ease it in stead of having to do the whole drawing again

How do you make a circle with a dot in the middle with out taking you pencil of the paper?

u can't , its imposible.

How do you make pencil lead by using charcoal?

pencil lead is not charcoal but rather graphite molded with clay and hardened

What is the circumference of a pencil?

the circumference of a pencil depends on its size. Also, to a certain degree of accuracy. if you want to know the circumference of the pencil with the lead inside, measure the line exactly in the middle of the circle at the bottom of the pencil and times your answer by pi. Hope this helps :s

How is using a pencil an example of friction?

Because it's friction that rubs the graphite off the pencil on to the paper to make the words you write.

How do you make model car from cardbord?

You will need card board, pencil, scissors, exacto knife, glue, tape, a ruler and a good imagination.

What are the three solids put together thst make up a pencil?

hexagonal prism, a cone, and i believe circle or cylinder

How can you draw Roanoke?

With a pencil. Maybe a pen, but then you can't erase it if you make a mistake... So I would probably recommend using a pencil, yeah.

How do you make a pencil holder using wood?

this how you make a pecil holder using wood you get a shape of a wood and fix it with wood

Can you make half a circle using only sevenths?


How do you draw a hexagonal?

To draw a perfect hexagon, take a compass (the drawing kind, not the navigating kind) and draw a circle. Next, take the point of the compass an place it at any point on the circle you've just drawn. Swing the pencil end of the compass until it intersects the circle and draw a mark that crosses the line of the circle. Without lifting the point from the paper/circle, swing the compass around and make a second mark, on the other side. Now, lift the compass and place the point at one of the hatch marks you just made and make another hatch mark along the circle. Continue doing this, using your new intersecting hatch mark to place the point of the compass each time, until your circle has six marks, equally spaced from one another. Then, take a ruler and connect every point to the points adjacent to it. And there you have it, a perfect hexagon.

What is the radius that I need so that I can fit three cars 6.4 meters each into half a circle mind you cars are not round?

I am not going to tell you the answer, I will tell you how to figure it out the way I have to, to do this:You need.RulerScissorsCereal boxpencilTake the ruler and draw three rectangles the size of your cars in miniature. 6.4 metres = 6.4 cm ? will that be to small? do some math and decide how you are going to cut you cars out so to maximise the accuracy.Move the shapes around to make the smallest size circle possible.Draw your circle and measure it, do the math and you have your circle size.

What do you make the color tan on paper?

If you are using a crayon or colored pencil, then that will be the easiest way to make the color tan. First, get a normal colored brown crayon or colored pencil. Then, start coloring very lightly with a brown crayon or colored pencil on a paper. Make sure you are not pushing down hard on the pencil, because then you will get dark brown, not tan. If you are following the instructions correctly, then you should make the color tan.

How do you make seven eighths a decimal?

Divide 7 by 8, using a calculator or a pencil, to get 0.875 .

How do you make a 110 degree angle using a ruler and a compass?

use trisection method

Can you make a half of a circle using only thirds?

i do not think so

What is the smallest amount of steps it will take to make a paper plane DC3?

The smallest amount of steps it will take to make a paper plane DC3 is 33. This amount of steps is detailed and involves the use of paper, scissors, a pencil, and a ruler.

How do you draw a fox?

Get a pencil to draw this stuff. Okay, first draw a oval for the body and a circle for the head. Make a snout at the end of the circle, near the bottom. Then draw two triangles going into the circle. then make a smaller triangle inside of the triangles. Then come from the oval and make a tail shaped thing that is wide and long, remember to make the tail faced down! Then make make eight lines and connnect each pair at the bottom. Then make a half oval at the bottom of all the pairs. Then take a black marker or pen and out line it again. Go straight from the circle and then catch up to the oval. Then go around the wide and long tail, around the connected pairs and half circles and until you get back to the other part of where you begun. Then make the snout go into the head a little more. Then go from the top of the snout (that is inside the circle) and make a little oval from the top and to one inch after the half of the outline oval. take make. Then, a smaller circle and color the last little circle black. Make another oval circle circle black circle again. Outline the triangles and mini triangles inside. After you have outlined everything, add on claws on the bottom of the pairs of legs. Then erase all the pencil marks. Then color the fox in with a colored pencil that is red/orange. then color the oval circle black circle what ever color you want. Color the uncolored circle what ever color you want. I recommend blue and green or brown. Color the mini triangles light pink or a peach. Now, you've drawn a fox! Hope this helps! ~Triangle With Mini Triangle: Ears ~Oval With Circle And Black Circle: Eyes With Pupils ~Oval And Circle: Head and body ~Triangular Thing At End Of Head: Snout ~ Pairs of lines connected: Legs ~ Half Oval/Circle Things At Bottom Of Pairs Of Lines Connected: Paws ~ Lines on Oval/Circle: Claws