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I just did this successfully using adapters and a short cable, all bought from Radio Shack. I just fed the output from the earphone jack on the microcassette recorder into the microphone jack on my cassette recorder.

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Q: How to make a copy of a microcassette using a standard cassette RECORDER?
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What is required to convert a cassette to MP3?

There are four main methods to convert a cassette to MP3. These methods include using Audacity, using Quicktime, using Sound Recorder and using a Professional App. All of these methods require a cassette, cassette player, computer, and a cord to connect the cassette player to computer.

How would someone copy a cassette to a CD?

To copy a cassette to a CD requires either an audio recorder or computer with an audio input and CD burner. To use an audio recorder, connect your source cassette player to the device and place a blank writeable CD into the device. To use a computer, connect your source cassette player to the line in jack on the audio card and run audio recording software while the cassette is playing. Burn the audio files using the CD writer.

What does one consider when purchasing blank cassette tapes?

Blank cassette tapes are used to record sounds using a tape recorder. A few things to consider when purchasing blank cassette tapes are, how much time is on the tape, if the tape is damaged, and the tape quality.

What type of energy is formed when using a cassette player or recorder?

The main power output is in the form of heat but a small amount of power is also output as an electrical signal.

What was the first precursor to the VCR?

In 1963, Ampex offered a consumer version of a videotape recorder, which was sold as a novelty for the super-rich through the Neiman-Marcus Christmas catalog for about $30,000. In 1964, Sony marketed the first reel-to-reel videotape recorder designed specifically for home use. It used 1/2-inch tape which was threaded around a spinning drum containing the tape heads. They sold thousands of them to individuals as well as schools and colleges. The Sony CV-2000 should probably be considered the immediate precursor to the video cassette recorder, as it was the machine that everyone thought of as a video recorder before the first real VCR was introduced. In 1969, Sony demonstrated a prototype video cassette recorder, using the U-Matic cassette format. They didn't bring it to market until 1971. The Sony VO-1600U could be considered the first production VCR.

How do you convert cassette to a CD?

Actually, you can purchase a cassette to CD converter through Walmart, Amazon, BestBuy, etc., which can easily convert your cassette tapes to MP3 format! Just plug it into your PC or Mac (no drivers are required), and load a cassette tape in and press Play. Then just click "Record" in the recording software (included) and your music will be turned into digital format! Another solution is, just record the sound while playing the cassette using some recording software like Audacity, HD Video Converter Factory Pro, Audio Recorder and the like. Pick any method based on your own need. Good luck!

How do you remove videocassette from unresponsive RCA505 Videocassette Recorder?

Remove the deck from its case or just lift open the top. Lift the tape out of the machine without twisting it. It is best to use white cotton gloves to keep from touching the tape with your fingers. Ease the cassette and the tape out of the deck slowly. The machines dust cover door will try to close on the tape during this step, keep it open or it will close on the tape. Then hold the cassette up on end and using your fingers at the bottom of the cassette turn the reel on top slowly to retract the tape back into the cassette. If the cassette has a metal door, prop it open.

Doe any car cassette plays output dolby surround sound?

No, they stopped using cassette players before dolby.

Disadvantages of using video cassette in teaching?

you can't stop it!

How does one use a cassette adaptor?

One uses a cassette tape adaptor to play music through sound systems with a tape player. By using this cassette tape adaptor, one does not need an auxiliary input.

When you buy a plastic recorder what is the stick in the bag for?

To thread a rag through to clean the spit out of the recorder after using.

How do you play kookaburra using the recorder?


What is the advantage of using a cd recorder over a dvd recorder?

The main advantage is that the cd recorder many more music capabilities and uses. The DVD recorder is mainly used just for television or movie watching.

How to Choose Between a Minidisc Recorder, a CD Recorder and a Cassette Recorder?

There are several different ways for a person to copy songs originally on records, tapes, compact discs or elsewhere, such as using a minidisc recorder, a CD recorder, or an analog cassette deck. Each of these three different methods offer their advantages as well as their downsides regarding convenience, quality of sound and price.If you are looking for the chance to retain the most quality of sound, you should get a CD recorder.If your interest is to maintain a budget, you will probably be more interested in getting a cassette deck.If you are looking for special features, such as being able to program your playback options, or to skip certain tracks, you should invest in a minidisc recorder, or perhaps a CD recorder.If your interest is to tote your recorder around, such that you may use it for live source material, like interviews, classes, speeches, lectures or concerts, you will want a portable minidisc recorder.Ideally, you will wish to use a recorder that makes use of the same type of media as either your portable player or your car depending on if you plan to listen to these recordings outside of the home.If you can afford the experiment, take a single song from a CD and record it using different kinds of recorder to compare the quality of sound. Don’t forget to take that song and compare the recordings to it.Playing back a commercially recorded disc would be out of the limits of a minidisc recorder.Another thing to consider is how much it will cost to buy blank media. For example, buying cassettes will cost less money per minute than that of a digital disc.Your CD recorder may not play a burned CD on every player.A minidisc recorder will probably not sound as good as a CD will, because it uses a "lossy" compression method known as the Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding, or ATRAC. Depending on the tape and its deck quality, a minidisc can vary in quality over a cassette.

How do you get a 1999 Jetta cassette deck player to play a tape when it rejects the cassette and the word Error appears?

If the word error appears on the cassette deck, the heads could need a good cleaning. Dust which collects can cause an error and reject the tape from playing. Try using a cassette head cleaner to see if this alleviates the problem.

Which came first personal computer the altair or the video recorder?

Video recorder came first, TV stations were using them in the 1960s.

What Car Company Was The Last To Offer A factory equipped Cassette Player?

I'm using anecdotal experience here, so I can't guarantee it to be 100% accurate, but the last car I recall seeing with an OEM cassette player (it also had a CD player) was the PT Cruiser/Prowler.

How would a scientist record birdsong?

Using a recorder :P

What are the advantages of using CD players instead of tape cassette players?

The advantages of using CD players instead of tape cassette players are that CDs hold more music and it is easy to jump to a specific song. CDs are also easier to transfer to digital files.

How do you play billionaire using recorder?

press record and play the song

What are song using numbers on the recorder?

old McDonald had a farm is one

Is the US using the gold standard for 2010?

No, they stopped using the gold standard in 1971

Where can you sell a used DVD recorder?

A used dvd recorder can be sold using the classified section of a the local newspaper. If this does not work then offering it on freecycle might work.

Where could a consumer purchase a Panasonic DVD Recorder?

A consumer can purchase a Panasonic DVD Recorder from eBay, Amazon or John Lewis stores. Panasonic DVD Recorder will work with HDTV. It can be used to record using about four modes.

Is there a way to play cassettes through your car CD player?

Yes it is possible to play cassettes through a car CD player by using a cassette to digital adapter. The songs on the cassette will be transferred into digital format.