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to prevent vectors from spreading jerms spray rid and keep doors shut and that's the bottom line

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Q: How to prevent disease vectors and what are disease vectors?
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What disease does a kissing bug carry?

They are potential vectors for Chagas disease

Can washing your hands frequently prevent the spread of vectors?


Are micropipettes mechanical or biological vectors?

Micro-pipettes can be mechanical vectors for disease. Since they do not carry the disease like a living organism, they cannot be considered to be a biological vector. If the pipette is not sterilized properly, the result can be a mechanical vector for a disease.

What is the role of the vectors in the transmission of disease?

Vectors play very important role in spread of many diseases. The microorganism spends dominant or recessive stage of it's life cycle. Without the vector the disease can not spread in most of the cases. Malaria and plague are two important vector born diseases.

How does honey prevent disease?

Honey does not prevent the disease.

Vectors that some protozoa use to transfer disease are?

mosquitoes and tsetse flies

How does removing standing water prevent the spread of malaria?

it prevents vectors from breeding

What are examples of vectors in biology?

Examples of Biological Vectors: Tick - Lyme Disease Mosquitoes - Malaria Sand fly - Leishmania Mechanical Vectors Housefly picking up salmonella with its feet and depositing it on human food

What is vector spread disease and the examples?

A disease which is carried and spread by an agent (animal or microorganism) is a vector spread disease. Eg. Mosquitoes are the vectors for malaria.

Can coffee prevent alzheimer's disease?

Coffee won't prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Are there any vectors associated with HIV?

The vector is body fluid exchangeCorrection:Bodily fluids are not technically vectors. A vector is a living organism, usually a mosquito or tick, that is capable of transmissing disease. To date, no vectors have been identified as causing HIV infection.

What is one precaution your community uses to prevent viral disease?

Vaccines, such Fluvax, can prevent viral disease.