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You cannot solve x plus y since that is an expression, not an equation (nor inequality).

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Q: How to solve x plus y for graphing?
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How do you solve x plus 2y4 for y for graphing?

Set it equal to 0 and subtract x and solve for y

How do you solve 2x plus y equals 0 and x-y equals 6 graphing?

By graphing the lines on the coordinated plane they will intersect at (2, -4) which is the solution of the equations

How do you solve this graphing equation y plus x equals 6?

The solution consists of the infinite number of points on the line which is defined by y + x = 6.

How do you solve y4x-2 and y-x plus 3 by graphing?

If you mean: y = 4x-2 and y = -x+3 then when plotted on the Cartesian plane the lines will intersect at (1, 2) because x = 1 and y = 2

How do you solve x plus y equals 5 for y?


How do you solve y equals 7 plus x?

y=7+x =x=7-x

Draw graph x plus y equals 0?

solve for y so if x + y = 0 then y = -x

What is read first on graphing x or y?

It is: x followed by y

How do you solve for negative y equals x plus 1?

x + 1= -y implies x - y = 1

What is the solution of X-Y-4 by graphing?

x-y=4 x=y+4

How do you solve 2x plus 2y equals 4 and 4x plus y equals 1?

2x + 2y = 44x + y = 1There are many methods you can use to solve this system of equations (graphing, elimination, substitution, matrices)...but no matter what method you use, you should get x = -1/3 and y = 7/3.

X plus Y equals 6 wITHOUT GRAphing does system have one solution or no solution or infinite number of solutions X plus Y equals 9?

[x + y = 6] has an infinite number of solutions.

What is the graphing solution for y plus x equals -2?

Each and every one of the infinitely many points on the line y + x = -2

What is graphing method?

In systems of equations, the graphing method is solving x and y by graphing out the two equations. x and y being the coordinates of the two line's intersection.

How do you solve the equation y plus 5 plus 2x equals5?

Y=0.5 and X=1

X plus y plus z equals 9 and x plus 2y plus 3z equals 23 and x plus 5y-3Z equals -7 solve for x and y and z?

Can you help with this equation? Thanks. Solve for x and y and z for the following. x plus y plus z equals 9 x plus 2y plus 3z equals 23 x plus 5y plus -3z equals -7

How do you solve -2x plus y equals -3 and -x plus 2y equals 3?

x = 3 and y = 3 Form a simultaneous equation and solve by elimination.

How xy plus x plus y plus 1 will solve?

xy + x + y + 1 is an expression, not an equation. An expression cannot be solved.

How do you solve x plus y equals 2?

Y equals 1 and X equals 1

What is y intercept and x intercept of y x plus 8?

To find the y intercept put zero in for x and solve. To find the x intercept put zero in for y and solve. (0,8) and (-8,0)

How do you solve x plus y equals 3?

To solve the equation you need to know at least a value for x or y. For example if x = 2 then the solution will show that y = 1.

How do you solve y plus x divided by 2 equals negative 4 when x is 2?

First, solve for y.y=-8xif x=2, then y=-16.

How do you solve x equals 4 y equals x plus 3?

x=4 y=x+3 y=4+3 y=7

How do you solve 15y plus 1 equals x for y?

i have no clue what the answer is

Solve x plus 5y equals 20 for y?

(20 - x)/5

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