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you can not do anything to get 60

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How using plus minus divide multiply can 60 be made from 4 4 15 15 using each number once only?
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Using the numbers 6'7'8'9'10 and the symbols add minus multiply and divide can you make 12?


How do you multiply a fraction by a whole number without using a model or repeated addition?

Multiply the whole number times the numerator. Divide the product by the denominator.

When you multiply and divide using only prime numbers is the result always a prime number?

No, never.

Can anyone fill in the missing divide plus minus multiply signs between the numbers 9 2 3 7 to get an answer of 10?

no-not using numbers in that order

How do you make 22 from 1 4 7 9 using each number once and using only plus minus divide or multiplication?

71 - 49

How do you do percent of a number on a calculator?

Two choices: -- Multiply (the number) x (the percent using the percent % key). -- Multiply (the number) x (the percent), then divide the answer by 100. Either way, the claculator displays that many percent of that number.

How do you get 6 5 7 4 3 equals 26 in the same order and only using plus minus multiply divide?

6 - 5 + 7 * 4 - 3

What number could you multiply by 87?

You can multiply by using what other number that you use to multiply.

How do you use the number 5?

you can multiply add subtract divide make into a fraction or percentage or squuare it or cube it ortry to maki it using base 2

How do you get twenty-three using the numbers 2 9 0 and 0 with the operations plus minus times divide power square root and factorial?

(9-22)2-(0!+0!) Do you have to use all the operations? because this one doesn't have multiply, divide, or root.

Can you multiply any number using 92?


Four fundamental operation of math using problem solving?

add,subtact,multiply divide

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