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The speed of light can be both calculated and measured. Light waves are formed by mutually interacting orthogonal electric and magnetic fields. Using properties of these electric and magnetic fields, you can arrange the equations of physics into a partial differential equation, called the "wave equation". This equation contains a constant in it, which is the wave-speed of light. It's value is found from other physical constants, and is about 3 106 km/sec. This value was measured in a vacuum and found to be within excellent agreement.

James Clerk Maxwell first theoretically found the speed of light from what is now called the Maxwell equations.

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Q: How velocity of light is calculated?
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Does Light have a speed or a velocity speed of light or velocity of light?

Light travels at the speed of light. There is no general velocity of light because velocity is a vector quantity, it also contains a direction and there is no preferred direction for light rays in general. Another answer: The speed of light has been calculated to be 186,000 miles per second.

How is the velocity of a wave calculated?

velocity = frequency x wavelength

How is velocity calculated?


What is the difference between orbital velocity and angular velocity?

Orbital Velocity is calculated in m/s where as angular velocity is calculated in rad/s.. Answer is very clear.. angular velocity is calculated when body is rotating around a axis and a reference point is needed to calculate it.. where as orbital velocity is calculated when body is moving around a bado in circular path, nt around itself... e.g. Earth rotates around so it have angular velocity .. it also rotates around sun in orbit so it has Orbital velocity also :)

What is the velocity of light in meters?

the velocity of light is 300000000 m/s

How is KE calculated?

It is calculated as 1/2 mass multiplied by velocity squared

When do you know an objects velocity?

When you have calculated or measured it.

Calculated using displacement divided by time?

Velocity is displacement/time.

How is average velocity of a body calculated when its velocity changes at a non-uniform rate?

average velocity=displacement/total time taken

What would be the velocity of ball which is thrown by the man who running at the speed equal to the velocity of light?

As velocity never exceeds the velocity of light.... so i hope a man running with the velocity of light will not be able to throw a ball with any velocity.......... we may get the maximum n minimum velocity with which that can be thrown mathematically that we may get it to be zero................

This is calculated by change in velocity over time?


Momentum is calculated by multiplying an object's mass by its what?

its velocity.