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It wasn't a career, it was his life. He gained influence throughout Europe and Asia through his Pythagorean School and Pythagorean Society.

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Q: How was Pythagoras' career as a math teacher?
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What did Pythagoras do?

Pythagoras was a teacher, but he also was the first to prove Pythagorean math correct

The most famous math teacher?

Pythagoras Albert Einstein Euclid

A career that does not have math in it?

well,if your an English teacher

Pythagoras career as a mathematics teacher?

Lol career. It was his life! He also taught astronomy and philosophy (the word which he coined himself).

What was Pythagoras's culture about?

they thought math solved everything, they actually believed math was a god, sources: my honors world history teacher

What math does a teacher career need?

at least basic arithmetic skills

What did Pythagoras do that was important?

He did math

Who was Thales to Pythagoras?

A teacher

What types of math did Pythagoras do?


Who introduced Pythagoras to math?


In what fields did Pythagoras work?

Pythagoras made many contributions to the field of math.

What did Pythagoras do besides math?

Pythagoras was philosopher, mathematician and founder of a religious group

What are some good career choices that involve working with numbers?

Accountant, Math teacher or engineer.

What field of math did Pythagoras study in?


What was Pythagoras's accomplishments?

First Math person!!

Was Pythagoras good at math in school?

Of course he was!

Why is Pythagoras' discovery important?

it helped with MATH. :)

How is math used in a math teacher?

In that form math is an adjective describing teacher. Sometimes it helps to ask a question such as this: What kind of teacher? Math teacher. .

What year did Pythagoras become a teacher?

your smellin

Why was Pythagoras' important in the field of math?

Pythagoras's work was important in the field of math because he invented the pythagorean theorem, which explained square units in a triangle.

How much math is used to be a math teacher?

To become a teacher, not just a math teacher, you have to go to college for years.

What Greek math whiz was in 530 BC?


How did Pythagoras adult life include math?


What was Pythagoras math problem?


Who is the Greek person that was good at math?

Archimedes , Pythagoras ,