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Careful and meticulous astronomical measurements by the astronomer Tycho Brahe followed by numerical analysis of that data by Johannes Kepler after Tycho's death.

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Q: How was the discovery of the shape of the orbits of the planets made?
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How was the discovery of the planets orbits shape made?

It was made when the big bang happen i think?

How was the discovery of this orbits shape made?

by a surprise

How was the discovery of the orbits made?

by a surprise

The observation that planets move in elliptical orbits was first made by?


What instrument made possible the discovery of the planets?

the telescope

What is made of rock that orbits the sun?

planets of course, or asteroids. both are rock

What tool made possible the discovery of additional planets?

The Telescope

What affect does gravity have on the planets?

The planets' own gravity has made them spherical. Also there are other effects such as their ability to retain an atmosphere, etc. The Sun's gravitycauses the orbits of the planets.

What was Kepter's theory of the solar system?

Tycho Brahe made very accurate observations of the solar system. Brahe's assistant, Johannes Kepler, used the observations to figure out the shape of the planets orbits. When he used circular orbits, his calculations did not fit the observations. But after years of detailed calculations, he found that the orbit of each planet is called an ellipse. An ellipse is an oval shape.

What do all the outer planets have in common?

They all have cores, made from gas and dust, have atmosphere's, orbit sun, elliptical orbits.

Who made many observations and calculations to work out that planets' orbits are ellipses?

Galileo and also my hamsters! my best friend is Katie Jennings!

What is an object that the planet orbits?

It can be natural satellites (moons), man-made satellites or small pieces of matter such as ice (rings of the outer planets).