How will you define percent?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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one part in every hundred

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Q: How will you define percent?
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Define Volume percent and write the equation?

i dont know hahaha

Convert 16 to a percent?

Percent is a fraction, so much in a hundred. You have to define 16 in how many before your question means anything

When you can use percent D in c language?

To define any integer type value.

What percent of people want guns banned?

Unknown- and you need to define what place you refer to.

Define workability in concrete?

ease with which concrete can be compacted hundred percent having regard to mode of compaction and place of deposition

What is the annual mortgage constant for a 10 percent loan with a 25 year amortization?

Please define what you mean by "constant". Thank You!

Define the term suboptimize?

A person or group of people that undermine the best potential of the greater group or system. Typically 10 percent of the population is a Sub-optomizer or anyone might be a suboptomizer 10 percent of the time.

How do you convert percent to milliliters?

You need to define your terms better. Percentage of what? Maybe give us the context and we can rephrase and answer your question. If you mean percentage of a liter, then simply multiply the percent by 10.

What does the word define mean in spanish?

definir - to define defino - I define defines - you (singular, informal) define define - you (singular, formal) define, he/she defines definimos - we define defineis - you (plural, informal) define definen - you (plural, formal)/ they define.

What is the percentage of Alcohol addiction in US?

Depending on how you define it, between five and ten percent of the population over the age of eighteen, somewhat less below that age.

What is better 10 percent of 115 or 25 percent of 48?

Better depends on whether big is good or bad. For example, if the question is in the context of a bonus, bigger is better but if it is in the context of a fine, then smaller is better. So please define what constitutes better.

What is 74 dollars of 87 dollars as a percent?

Define as fraction with denominator of 100. > 74 / 87 = ? / 100 > ? = (74 * 100) / 87 > ? = 85.06 > 85.06 / 100 = 85.06%