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Q: How would find the mass of a metal cube?
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How would you find the mass of a metal cube?

Use a balance with known masses on the other side.

You are told to find the mass of metal cube how will you do it?

with a triple beam scale

What is the density of a metal cube with a mass of 16.3g?

Different metals have different densities, so to find the density either the type of metal or both the size and mass of the cube must be provided. Density is mass divided by volume.

What tools would a student need to find a density of a metal cube?

You would need a balance to measure its mass. You would need a ruler to measure the length of its sides. Then you would need to calculate volume. Then divide the mass by the volume to get density.

What is the difference between a wooden cube and a metal cube?

The mass and density are very different.

How do you find the mass of a cube?

To find the mass of a cube by multiplying the density times the volume of the cube. The volume can be found by multiplying the height times the height times the length.

What is the identity of a cube of metal that measures 1.2cm on each side and the mass of 15.4g?

To measure the mass of a metal cube. First find it's volume, V = L (length) x W (width) x H (height), since it's a cube the L, W, and H are all the same so, V= L^3= H^3= V^3. Then you look up the density in a table or on the internet and multiple the density by volume to get mass. V = L (length) x W (width) x H (height) m = V * density (row)

What is identity of a cube of metal that measures 1.5cm on each side and and has a mass of 35.45g?


What is a monolithic metal?

A monolithic metal is a single metal mass of any shape or form. It is not comprised of multiple metal types, or even multiple spatially distinct quantities of the same metal. An example would be a single cube of iron, or a sheet of aluminum. That is the basic premise.

The amount of mass in a cube is called?

It's called "the mass of the cube" or "the cube's mass".

D0.52gcm cube V2m cube find mass M?

Use the formula:mass = volume x density

What is the density of a metal cube its mass is 17g and volume of 4cm3?

Density = Mass/Volume = 17/4 = 4.25 grams per cm3