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I would describe it as beautifully.

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Q: How would you describe the way numbers are organized?
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What is a way to describe the world with numbers?

a way to describe the world in numbers is measurement...

How do you describe a wave?

Wave is just a disturbance in a regular/periodic/organized way.

What is a way to describe matter with numbers?


Is a way to describe matter what numbers?


Is measuring a way to describe matter with numbers?


Is the way to describe the world with numbers?

It's one way to describe the world. Artists have another. Writers have another.

What is an organized way of learning about the natural world?

scienceThis would be the scientific method.

What is count order?

A counting order is the way that numbers are organized to show their relation to each other. There are many different ways numbers are listed in order. They can be only even numbers, odd numbers, or any other specific order.

Is it well-organized or well organized?

The correct way to say it is well-organized or organized well

What does wai mean?

The word way is used to describe a fashion, manner, or mode. For instance, some people may find a new way to do things in order to become more organized.

What would be an answer to What one word would describe you in a negative way?


How would you describe your friend personality to fix him up for a date?

Well you would have to describe the way he is, his likes & dislikes and his demeanor.