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I would look around the house for a tape measure or a ruler that's longer than the table.

If I couldn't find one of those, I'd have to use a ruler that's shorter than the table, but that's messy and less accurate.

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Q: How would you find the length of a table?
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Would you use centimeters or meters to find the length of a table?


What is the length of an interval in a grouped frequency table?

The length can be found by taking the larger number in the frequency group and subtracting it to find the range.

Standard coffee table length?

The standard length of a coffee table can vary. This is because the length of a coffee table usually coincides with the length of the sofa it will be used with. The coffee table should be one-half to two-thirds the length of the sofa.

What is a length of a lab table in centimeters?

That depends on the length of your lab table.

The perimeter of a table is 30 feet It is twice as long as it is wide What is the length of the table?

Length of the table is 10 feet.

What would be the length of a table if you measured it with a ruler?

the same as it would be if you measured it with a tape measure as long as you were accurate

Which is most appropriate measure for length of a table kilometers grams or meters?

Grams is no good - it is a measure of weight not length. Kilometers measure length - but only if your table-top is a few miles long. Most appropriate would be Meters - your average dining table is about one-and-a-half meters long.

How would you find the width If you have the length and area?

take Area/Length

If 48 square inches are subtracted from the area of a square table the result would be equal to twice the perimeter what is the length of the side of the table?

The side of the table is 12 inches long.

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The length of a pencil. your waist/chest measurement the dimensions of a table

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