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in the kitchen :P

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Q: How would you find the surface area of a pie?
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Why do you do what you do to find surface area?

pie and jelly beans

Surface area of sphere?

Surface area of sphere is : A= 4*pie*r^2

How do you draw a net for a cylinder and label the dimensions then use the net to find the surface area of the cylinder when 3.14 is the pie?

radius squared multiplied by pie

Half of the diameter of the semicircle on top is 6m the length of the cone is 8m what is the surface area?

Surface Area= 2(area of the base)+ Lateral Surface Area Surface Area= 2(3.14(pie) times 36)+ Perimeter of the Base(3.14(pie)times12)8Surface Area= 226.08+301.44=527.52 meters2S.A=527.52 meters2

Find surface area of standard bathroom?

its: can you read this? ha ha noob :P OK lets be serious. its pie :D

What is the total curved surface area of a hollow hemisphere?

total curved surface area = 2*pie*r^2

'What is the surface area of a sphere with a radius of 5 dm?

surface area of a spere=4*pie*r2 when r (radius)=5 pie=22/7 surface area=4*22/7*5*5 =2200/7 =314.2 dm2

How do you find the surface area of a ball with a diameter of 24 cm leaving it in terms of pie?

radius= 24/2= 12cm surface area= 4 x pi x 12^2 = 576pi cm^2

What is the surface area of sphere of a radius 4 meter?

Formula for surface of sphere is 4 X pi X radius squared.4 x 4squared = 64 pie = 201.0622498so your answer is64 pie or 201.0622498(Either would work)

How do you find the lateral area of a sphere?

there would be no" lateral" surface to a sphere because it is round , only with a cube ,pyramid or rectangular object would you have lateral surface,although it is still possible to determine the surface area and volume of a sphere, the formula to calculate the area of a sphere is 4x pie x radius squared, to calculate the volume the formula is 4x pie x radius cubed divided by 3, to calculate a hemisphere you would divide the answer in half.

What does pie mean in surface area of a sphere?

i do not know iam in fith grade how about you?

How do you find the perimeter if you only have the area?

Area times pie 3.14