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Length times height times width

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Q: How would you find the volume of something that is a rectanglelar shape like a monopoly game box?
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What is something with definite shape and volume?

a solid

Does volume mean the it takes its shape?

No, volume is the amount of space something takes up.

What has a changeable shape and a definite volume?

Think of the three states of matter: Solid, Liquid, and Gas Then figure which one has which: a. no shape and no volume b. no shape but has volume c. has a shape and has a volume This is something you can easily figure out if you just think about it.

How do you find the volume of something that has an odd shape?

babe animals

What is something with a fixed volume but not a fixed shape?

This is the characterization of a liquid.

Does the volume of something change if you change its shape?

No. (Squeeze a balloon.)

Something that keeps the same volume but fills the shape of its container is called?

A substance that keeps the same volume but takes the shape of its container is known as a liquid. Liquids have a fixed volume but can move and adjust to the shape of the container they are in.

What is the state of matter in which a material has a definite shape and definite volume?

A solid has a definite shape, and a definite volume.

What is something that will always take up the shape and volume of its container?

Air (a gas).

What has volume and shape?

A solid has a volume and a shape a liquid has a volume but no certain shape a gas has no certain volume and no certain shape

Which state of matter doesn't have a definite volume or shape?

liquid has no definite shape and a solid has no definite shape or volume

What shape was the original game of monopoly?