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No shape can have a volume of 6 cm2

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Q: What shape has the volume of 6cm2 and the surface area of 22cm2?
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What is the volume and surface area of a rectangular block?

The volume of a cuboid (a six sided 3D shape) is how much 'space' or 'room' it takes up. For a regular cuboid (where opposite sides are the same size) it is calculated by multiplying the length by the width by the depth. For example, A block measuring 3cm by 2cm by 5 cm would have the volume 3x2x5= 30cm3. The surface area is the total external area of the shape. It is calculated by multiplying the height and width (surface area ) of each face and adding them together. For example a block measuring 3cm by 2cm by 5cm would have a surface area of S A of face one= 3x2=6cm2 S A of face two=3x2=6cm2 (opposite end to face one) S A of Face three=2x5=10cm2 S A of face four=2x5=10cm2 (opposite end to face three) S A of face five=3x5=15cm2 S A of face six=3x5=15cm2(opposite end to face five) total surface area = 6+6+10+10+15+15= 62cm2

What is a shape that has an area of 6cm2 with a perimeter of 12cms?

It is a rectangle and has sides of 3+sq rt of 3 and 3-sq rt of 3

What shape of an area of 6cm2?

Any shape you want as long as the area within its boundary is 6cm2.examples:a triangle of base 6 cm and height 2 cm;a rectangle 2cm by 3 cm;an L shaped hexagon with sides 5cm, 2cm, 1cm, 1cm, 4cm, 1cm;circle of radius approx 1.382 cm;

How do you draw a rectangle with 6cm2?

It could be 3cm by 2cm in size.

Kvp calculation 6cm2 plus 40 equals?

kvp calculation 6cm*2+40=?

What is the area of 6cm2?

6 square cm. Could be a rectangle of sides 2cm by 3 cm, or 1 cm by 6 cm etc or a triangle of height 6, base 2, etc etc etc. or a circle, ellipse or even something of irregular shape.

What is the area of a right triangle 3cm by 4cm?

For it to be a right angle triangle the 3rd side must be 5cm

How many shapes are there with and area of 6Cm2?

There will be 1 circle, 1 square, an infinite number of ellipses, an infinite number of rectangles, an infinite number of other quadrilaterals, an infinite number of polygons with 5 or more sides, an infinite number of odd shapes. In all, a lot.

Can two rectangles to have the same area without the same perimeter?

Yes. Take a simple rectangle of 1cm x 6cm. It's area is 6cm2 and its perimeter is 14cm. Now - a rectangle if 2cm x 3cm has the same area, but has a perimeter of just 10 Centimetres !

How do you draw a triangle with a perimeter of 12cm and area of 6cm2?

It will be a right angle triangle with a base of 3cm, a height of 4cm and a hypotenuse of 5cm

How many centimeters3 in 100 centimeters?

100 cm is a measurement of lenght.... it is the direct distance between two points. cm3 is an indication of the measurement of the volume of an object - the cubic capacity. You cannot compare the two, nor can you say there are X cm3 in 100 cm. 24cm3 would be the volume of an object which was 2 cm long, by 3 cm wide, by 4 cm high.... the cubing comes from multiplying an area of cm2 - in this case we get 2cm long by 3 cm wide, giving us 6 cm2 - the square area of the object's base... cm multiplied by cm gives square cm, or cm2. When we multiply the 6cm2 by the 4 cm height we get 24cm3.... because square cm multiplied by cm gives cubic cm.

How do you draw a triangle with an area of 6cm2?

Well, it helps immensely to know the formula for the area of a triangle. The area of a triangle is 1/2 (length of the base) times (height) .Knowing that, all you have to do is draw a triangle in such a way that the length of the base (in cm), multiplied by the height (in cm) is 12 . There are an infinite number of ways to do it, so finding one should not be a problem.